Breakthrough Energy Research Promises to Power Homes & Autos Without Oil or Grid

The Orion Project, headed by Steven Greer, has bold objectives: solving global warming and creating a green world economy by outfitting homes and cars with "free," non-polluting energy from pervasive geomagnetic fields and other exotic sources. Greer suggests opportunities for working with the Obama Administration.

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Comment by Crystal Rose on March 16, 2009 at 2:35pm
I wish I could make an honest comment here, but I know that none of you might not like what I have to say. Know that what I do have to say is long yet pertinent if you truly want change. I will post a blog on my response to this video. My response may sound a little Sci-Fi-ish to you, but indeed is fact. There is a real war between good & evil. I've exposed it. In fact, many of you have also shared your light on this subject as well. You've helped me put some missing pieces together. And I thank you for that.

Warning: My response to this video is point blank! It involves all of us. Do not think that I hate you! I do not. Quite the opposite actually! I love you very much. If you are brave & are ready to hear the whole truth & nothing but the truth WITH AN OPEN MIND. Then I invite you to read my response from this video. What I have to say in long, but it is pertinent.

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