Is the Air We Breathe Being Covertly Modified? Former U.S. Government Research Scientist Thinks So - Parts 10-11

Clifford Carnicom -- former research scientist for the U. S. department of Defense, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U. S. Forest Service -- presents compelling evidence that our atmosphere is being systematically modified without our knowledge. The results, he says, are visible to the nakid eye and measurable through scientific examination. And they pose no benefits for us or the planet. Quite the opposite.

Carnihan now lives with his wife in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has served as computer consultant for the past three years. His skills include geodetic science, advanced mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences.

Thanks to Alex (TUMNIAISETU) of Montreal, Canada, for this video presentation. Alex is YouTube member TUMNIAISETU -- He writes, "Here is a video I've created with over 300 of my personal pictures of 'CHEMTRAILS' (or more precisely AEROSOL SCATTERING programs) taken in our Montreal sky over a period of 3 months, from August till November 2007. I've added an interview with Clifford E. Carnicom on Coast to Coast AM (from May 22,2007)."

Clifford Carnicom's research findings are available at

Part 11:

End of series

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