Those Who Instigated the 9/11 Commission Now Call for New Investigation

This feature-length documentary "9/11: Press for Truth" deserves a wide audience. This can happen only on the Internet, because theatre distribution has been nill. After viewing the film here, click the Share link and enter email addresses of friends, associates, public officials and others.

FACTS BEHIND THE FILM: "9/11 Press for Truth" lets the family members of 9/11 victims present their 2 1/2-year struggle to force an inquiry into the events of that world-changing day. This effort was at first resisted and even explicity prohibited by the President and Vice-President, and ignored by Congress. The 9/11 Commission was finally formed only through the family members' persistence and an assist from the media. All seemed well when the investigation was finally underway. But then the report came out.

The family members were far from satisfied. They saw that 70% of their questions -- the most important ones -- were not answered satisfactorily or addressed at all. Now they want a new investigation....

Once a fuller truth comes out, the world may change again -- this time for the better.... We need to be wary of conspiracy theories and press for factual clarity, devoid of premature conclusions.... Sharing this video is a good first step.

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