This is a 'MUST SEE' video from the TED conference.

From an old African proverb...
If you want to go quickly... go alone
If you want to go far... go together...

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Comment by Dick Samson on April 16, 2008 at 9:35am
Two who probably know if Gore knows are Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project,, and Alfred Webre of I've found both those organizations responsive, if an inquiry is action-oriented. You might try contacting one or both, asking advice on how you might aid in linking them with Gore so that an information transfer could take place. If your inquiry indicates the possibility of futhering their cause, I think they might be quite interested. Also, if/when you contact Gore, if you frame your inquiry in terms of how the dialog could further his interests, dealing with climate change and saving the planet, he might be quite interested too.
Comment by B. Marshall-Jones on April 15, 2008 at 11:30pm
Good question Jay. Who knows? He might be informed but I doubt it. Try getting in touch with him through his websites.

Comment by Jay Stansfield on April 15, 2008 at 9:37pm
Do you think Al Gore knows about the hidden and secret Zero-Point Energy devices the government hold so close? Is he informed of the Disclosure Project and the Orion Project? If not, how can we tell him?
Comment by B. Marshall-Jones on April 11, 2008 at 11:25pm
This new positive & inspirational video by Al Gore at the TED conference is worth sharing with everyone you know... regardless of their political persuasion or position on the environment. The reality is that we are faced with an ENERGY crisis... and the tipping point for solving that crisis will be solving the crisis in our democracy's political will. We currently have a disconnect with our government... the majority of the people feel differently than the actions taken by our representatives.

"Politicians are a lot like diapers.... they should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons." -Robin Williams

In promoting unified solutions the challenge is not about fear, or gloom & doom... it is an opportunity to be greater that we thought possible... together. Where the rewards from a common cause for our children and our planet becomes greater than the distractions of our instant gratification. The short sighted response of most of our political decision makers to fight against carbon tax, oil industry subsidies, oil price gouging, renewable energy tax credits and renewable energy industry stimulus, subsidies, research & development. And then tout "Clean Coal" as a solution? talk about an oxy moron...

Clean Coal is a bit like a porous condom... at least the intention was there.
-Robin William

I have a very positive outlook on the future. History show us that when Americans are faced with a deep challenge, they rally and triumph, against all odds. The rubber has hit the road for sure, and I for one, am up for it. Most importantly I plan to have fun along this green path!

This time in history we are looking for a generation of heros... as Al so rightly pointed out.

Well.... HELLO... Hero generation! We have arrived and will thrive!
This will make the 60's look like a warm up practice.. :)
You are now officially the: Energy Generation's ECO Heros!


Here are some of my favorite highlights from Al's new slide show...


In order to solve the climate crisis we have to solve the democracy crisis.

How many generations in all of human history have had the opportunity...
to rise to a challenge that is worthy of our best efforts,
that has a challenge that can pull from us,
more than we knew we could do.

I think we should approach this challenge with a
sense of profound joy and gratitude that we are the generation
about which 1000 years from now...
philharmonic orchestras, and poets and singers will celebrate by saying...
-They were the ones that found it within themselves to solve this crisis
and lay the basis for a bright and optimistic future.

Let's do that."

"From an old African proverb...
If you want to go quickly... go alone
If you want to go far... go together

Well... we have to go far... quickly!
so we have to have a change in consciousness,
a change in commitment,
a new sense of urgency,
a new appreciation for the privilege we have of undertaking this challenge"
Comment by Dick Samson on April 11, 2008 at 3:38pm
Vitally important.

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