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Comment by Shiwa on December 2, 2007 at 8:37am
Edward, that was a beautiful video. All these things are coming to pass. I too am Christian, although many would say because I talk of yoga, tai chi and the like, I am not. Well, I have to do as God leads me. My dad was a minister, who received the baptism of Holy Spirit several years into his ministry. He held healing services in which medically documented healing took place for many people. It was not what you see on tv, it was quiet, reverent, and powerful. Later in life, I had my own calling from God. Throughout my life, reading The Word, and relationship with Jesus has been my rock.

I think religions of today are a far cry from how Jesus lived, and taught. Firstly, he loved the earth, he loved nature. That's displayed when Jesus and the disciples were scolded for being in the fields and tasting a ripe grain of wheat on the Sabbath. He also held women in high regard. On both counts Christianity has failed.

Further he said we should be like Him. Well, that means it is possible for all of us to have the love, compassion, clarity of thought, vision, and resultant healing power of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit indwelling in us.
I know He's coming back. I wonder how God will feel when He left us with a beautiful home, and He sends his Son back to this chaos? Everybody will have some explaining to do. Isn't it enough that He sacrificed His life on the cross, does He have to come back and rescue us too? I feel bad He has to do that. I hope He finds me passionately involved in helping others with the love and compassion He has offered me.

To get ready for God, we must become like the bride. Literally vibrating with love, and anticipation with a heart as light as a feather. Becoming one with the love that is God is transfiguration.

Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah during his transfiguration: Moses representing the ancient law, and Elijah, the return to God. Of course we know Elijah did not die, but was rather taken up to heaven in a "chariot of fire". This holds great significance for us today. The ancient law, the ancient ways, need to be rediscovered. Will we transfigure like The Christ, or will we be taken up in a "chariot of fire", and exactly what is that?
Comment by Dick Samson on November 30, 2007 at 6:57pm
Thanks, Edward, for expressing your views by posting this video.

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