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At 4:40pm on October 31, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
Hahaha I've been really busy sorry for the scare. I know you are just channeling. That was one of the first things that have crossed my mind. I am some what of a channeler as well... I just filter it for this world. I use digital(science) and analog(the spirits touch) in a balanced form to give across messages I am channeling. I love what you are doing. It warms my heart to hear that we are all starting to wake up. That I am now alone. I'll take a look at your blogs soon. I have to go to work all night tonight. We live in multiple realities at once. We are not just in this body. We can exist between the crack in the twilight. We will eventually walk our path between there. AHHHH more channeling haha. I just became aware of it. Alright time to zip to work. Much love. Happy Halloween!
At 11:49pm on September 16, 2008, René Allen said…
Blessings Subhrodeb.

At 12:10am on September 8, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
I know...I've known all that for quite some time now actually haha. What was the point of your explaination?
At 7:02am on September 7, 2008, ramsiel said…

At 7:02am on September 7, 2008, ramsiel said…
At 10:12pm on August 19, 2008, Cosmostrologer said…
For some reason I have unconsciously been waiting for you. Thanks so much for your request. Of course I will join. I'd do anything to help heal the world. It is after all a big part of my life path. See you there my brotha!
At 5:17am on August 15, 2008, Sandy Medine said…
At 12:35pm on August 6, 2008, ramsiel said…

many many many thanks for your pranayam methods for me. I will study them and after I will try to use. light for you. ramsey
At 10:27am on August 1, 2008, ramsiel said…

Many thanks for your invitation... hope I meet you in your group.
At 3:22am on July 26, 2008, Anamika said…
Thanks for the first step of the exercise that you have mentioned. I hope it will surely help me out.
At 12:46am on July 26, 2008, Anamika said…
Hi.............Thanks for inviting me.............. would surely join your group.

Have a nice time ahead.
At 1:32pm on July 4, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
By the way bro......


At 3:18pm on March 10, 2008, SuperLife said…
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