Subject: Why does google love youtube more than ezinearticles?


Did you know Google loves YouTube? Google love to watch videos just like you love to watch TV. Articles can takes days to get index but videos are indexed by

Google in 15 mins or less.

That’s it?


One of the benefits of submitting video to YouTube is the search result is different. Video results at Google are the only ones with a picture on the left and appear like paid advertising, but for free!

For example; try search Google for the keyword “top motivation tips”

Can you see the video result ranked at #1 has a picture on the left? Don't you think People are more likely to CLICK that link, WATCH the video and VISIT the owner’s website. Now that is powerful. Nothing can beat video marketing.

Now imagine if you could turn your articles into such videos?
Same content, just a different mode of delivery.. instead of people reading a bunch of text imagine people watching it interactively in a video. Research has shown that people prefer watching and hearing videos than reading a bunch of text. That means your videos will have a much greater impact to your bank account. Much more profit.

So, if video marketing is so powerful why don't more and more people use it? It's because video marketing as powerful as it may be has always been expensive and difficult, making it a little out of reach for the average guy.

I introduce to you a Never-Before-Seen Technology called The Article Video Robot. A software that will convert your articles to LIVE and TALKING videos in minutes.

Go check it out here:

This is powerful stuff - don’t miss it.


Intentional Solutions

P.S. AVR is now providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click on the link above to read for yourself.

Intentional Home Business - Doing What You Love

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