The 105 Universal Laws

All creation is governed by law. The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws that rule the hidden spiritual planes and the inner realm of consciousness.

Contained within these laws (or conditions) is the true nature of matter.
Knowledge of these laws has an effect upon the mental urges. Mind is
the builder.

Stay in full mindfulness of the application of Universal Law as related to self and to others, and know that in love
all life is given, in love all things move.

In giving one attains. In giving one acquires. In giving, love becomes the
fulfillment of desire, guided and directed in the ways that bring the
more perfect knowledge of self as related to the universal, all
powerful, all guiding, all divine influence in life. Love IS life.

When we go back, merge with the God Source, in some infinitesimal but
profound way, we expand the Mind of God. Our God and higher self always
points the best and most perfect way and it is ours to listen and
choose or reject what we hear. God does not blame, but patiently tries
again to show the perfect way, the loving way. All of creation pushes
forth. We are ever becoming. Identity ever remains!

1. The Law of Abundance. (sometimes referred to as the Law of Opulence or Success.)

By creating visualizations of abundance in our lives we draw this energy
of success into our reality. Success or abundance does not only apply
to money. There is success in communication, spirituality,
relationships and so on. When creating the abundance of financial gain
remember to be IN this world, but not OF this world. We are not the sum
total of your possessions.

2. The Law of Action.

No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential gifts or talents, only action brings them to
life. Those of us who think we understand concepts, such as commitment,
courage, and love, one day discover that we only create knowingness
when we act; doing becomes understanding. Every aspirant is a focal
point of energy and should be a conscious focal point. In the midst of
the whirl and storm (of the chaos of third dimension) s/he should make
his/her presence felt.

3. The Law of Akasha.

A great cosmic law which is the principle of the intelligence of substance.

4. The Law of Analogy.

Although this is a definite condition of third dimension existence, no analogy is ever exact in
detail but only in certain broad basic correspondences. There will be
found unchangeable points of resemblance, but in using analogy viewing
creation, no two details are exact. Using analogy in trying to mentally
explain the unexplainable, one attempts to convey understanding, in a
broad sense.

5. The Law of Ascension.

This law defines the high vibrational frequency which the soul of an incarnational being is
resonating. When a personality looses the illusion of separation from
it's god self, the vibration of that person raises to the point of
ascension. No longer does this mean that the incarnational personality
leaves the earth plane to live a finer existence. We are meant to bring
our loving energies to our every day existence, becoming an example or
role model for others to emulate. We can recognize this vibrational
frequency in others by the degree to which they are a magnet to others.

6. The Law of Attraction.

This is the basic law of all manifestation, the Love Aspect, and it governs the Soul aspect. One of
the Three Major Laws, and it has 11 subsidiary laws. Fundamentally,
this law describes the compelling force of attraction that holds our
solar system to the Sirian. It holds our planets revolving around our
central unit, the sun. It holds the lesser systems of atomic and
molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet, and that of
the subtle bodies coordinated around their microcosmic center. It is
the primary law of man. The law of synthesis is beginning to be felt.

7. The Law of Balance or Equipoise. (fair exchange)

This is elaboration and continuation of the law of equalities. The law of
balance is a universal law that supersedes all of man's laws, creating
stability for all third dimension manifestation. Each thought must be
balanced by whomever creates it. This is divine wisdom. Allow all
viewpoints without feeling you must defend your own. Allow no one to
tell you what your journey must reflect or what your reality is. Do not
give your power away so easily, but give your love unconditionally. Any
messages communicated in love validates equality. Low self esteem is
just as non productive as a puffed up sense of self esteem. They both
deny equality. Another manifestation of the imbalance of this law is

8. The Law of Challenge.

We have the right to ask of another his or her intent, identity, and whatever pertinent information
we feel we require when encountering a disembodied being. Those who
come to us in the roll of information givers to channelers don't mind
being challenged. Ask the entity your questions three times (using the
same words each time) and you will be given the correct information.

9. The Law of Chemical Affinity.

This law governs the soul aspect in the mineral kingdom. It concerns the marriage of the
atoms, and the romance of the elements. It serves to perpetuate the
life of the mineral kingdom and to preserve its integrity. It is the
cause of the im-metalisation of the Monad.

10. The Law of Cohesion.

One of the seven laws of our solar system, under the three major laws. On the second plane cohesion
is first apparent. It is the first molecular plane of the system, and
is the home of the Monad. Divine coherency is demonstrated.

11. The Law of Color.

All colors are centers of attraction, and are complementary or are antipathetic to each other.
Color is healing and impacts the physical, emotional, mental and human
body profoundly. Man is partially composed of color in the aura (we are
color, tone, symbols and speed of vibration, or light). When intense
rays of one or more colors are sent to a specific area of the body,
change results.

12. The Law of Common Ground.

This is viewed as a problem solving approach and is an area where two or more can gather to blend
differences. It demands that the area be cleansed of previous energy
left by others who historically have passed through, or lived on the
spot. This is done by two or more sending loving energy to the area for
a specified period of time. Cage the area with a gold net and it will
stay cleansed of other's energy. You will leave your energy, but that
can be cleansed once you have used this space and are leaving.

13. The Law of Consciousness.

As consciousness expands, the space for events increases and therefore the dimensions in which
man congizes good and evil, opportunity and possibilities,
past-present-future enlarge to reveal the outstanding needs in this
present world cycle.

14. The Law of Continuity of Consciousness.

The Universe is in a continuous and endless process of creation. Cosmic
consciousness is a reality, and everything in creation is connected to
everything else. The medium for the 'implicate order' of this
relationship is consciousness. The fusion of individual consciousness
and the universal consciousness (the building of the antahkarana)
results in the development of universal knowledge, of omniscience (all
science/all knowledge). Continuity of consciousness is achieved by us
after the soul has been acknowledged, awakened, liberated and
identified with the Whole (enlightenment). A step to achieve
enlightenment is to be aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions, the
faculty that enables us to be vigilant, observant or to know.

15. The Law of Cycles.

The world of nature exists within a larger pattern of cycles, such as day and night and the passing of
the seasons. The seasons do not push one another. Neither do clouds
race the wind across the sky. All things happen in good time.
Everything as a time to rise, and a time to fall. Whatever rises, falls
and whatever falls shall rise again. That is the principle of cycles.

16. The Law of Cyclic Return.

Otherwise known as the wheel of reincarnation, once a soul qualifies for an incarnation to
third dimension, there is an understanding that it must be completed.
Reincarnation is that process by which the 'consciousness of the
permanent atom' manifests in another body through the human birthing
process. (This accounts for the fact of genius in the very young.) All
karma must be cleared or forgiven and certain aspects of soul growth
accomplished before this entire episode of reincarnational growth is
considered finished .

17. The Law or Right to Decree. (Divine Invocation)

This particular law exists for those working in service to others. Self
serving beings will find this law ineffective. This law allows the
ascended realms to move from the confines of the Law of
Non-Intervention to act on our behalf. Add the phrase to your decree,
"Under the Law of Grace" as this is an 'out' clause which will not
allow us to manifest or invoke anything which would be detrimental to
our existence or not of the highest interest for all, and remain karmic
free. In order for your decree to work it must be invoked three times.
An Example "By Divine Decree, in the name of (Yahweh, God, Jesus,
Ascend Masters, healing Angels, Mother Mary, My I AM self, etc.) and
under the Law of Grace, I ask for _____. It is done, and I thank you."
Say the entire request three times, then let it go - trust it is in
higher hands.

18. The Law of Discipline.

By practicing discipline, one expands the entity to a greater degree than almost any other action.
Discipline is the surest means to greater freedom and independence. It
provides the focus to achieve the skill level and depth of knowledge
that translates into more options in life. Commitment involves
discipline over a specific period of time. Discipline and commitment
provide the bridge between here and our goals.

19. The Law of Disintegration.

One of the seven laws of our solar system, under the three major laws. On the third plane comes
the final casting-off, the ultimate shedding of the sheaths, of the
fivefold superman. A Chohan of the sixth Initiation discards all the
sheaths beneath the monadic vehicle, from the atmic to the physical.

20. The Law of Divine Flow.

By living in the moment, centering ourselves in love and being in service to others (as opposed
to service to self), we live in the law of divine flow. We stay in the
moment by moment flowing of our higher self, creating actions which
reflect love and allowingness. When we are able to do this, we notice
how we say just the right things, do what is best for all, and refrain
from doing that which we previously disliked in ourselves or others. We
maintain a stronger connection to our God self. The more we do this,
the more we are able to do this. To a degree, the deliberate letting go
of this flow is the allowing of our spiritual integrity to be

21. The Law Of Nirvana.

This Law concerns the ability of an entity to complete a round of reincarnation,
develop such soul growth that the vibrational speed of the being
qualifies him/her to merge with God. We then become a soul extension of
God and among our choices many we have the ability to live in the
liquid light which flows in and from God, or reincarnate as an avatar
in third dimensional existence with the purpose of aiding mankind.

22. The Law of Economy.

The Brahma aspect of the Logos is characterized by that method in the wide distribution of matter, the
scattering of the atoms of matter and their dissociation from one
another, vibratory rhythm, heterogeneity and quality and their inherent
rotary action. This Law of Economy causes matter always to follow the
line of least resistance, and is the basis of the separative action of
atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit.
Initiates must master this law before they can achieve liberation, or

23. The Law of Economy of Force.

One of the three major laws. The Activity Aspect. This is the law which adjusts all that
concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the best
possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force. It is the
law of the physical atom, and makes perfect each atom of time and each
eternal period and carries all onward and upward and through, with the
least possible effort with the proper adjustment of equilibrium and
with the necessary rate of rate of rhythm. Unevenness of rhythm is
really an illusion of time, and does not exist in the cosmic center. We
need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need
to grasp the significance of that word through, for it describes the
next racial expansion of consciousness, and has a hidden meaning.

The person who aims at providing a point
of contact between conditions of chaos and Those Who work for
constructive ends and order, should likewise use that most necessary
factor of common-sense in all that s/he does. This involves always
obedience to the law of economy of force, due to discrimination, and a
true sense of values. Where these are present, time will be economized,
energy will be wisely distributed, excessive zeal will be eliminated,
and the Great Ones will be able to depend upon an aspirant's sagacity
and thus find a helper.

24. The Law of Equalities (or Analogy), otherwise known as the Principle of Correspondence or Essential Divinity.

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