Anatomy of inner Spirit or Ankh model of chakras system.

In the beginning of my work it’s have given to me (channeled) to construct such design. Further it became clear, that this design represents chakras system.

It is a photo of a real design. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, and cupronickel. Elements in the shape of spheres are established from color glass, stone, ceramics, amber, turquoise, corals and different crystal: amethyst, azurite and nephrite.

It's healing mandala or Ankh model of chakras system and an element of management by energy of pyramids.
Mandala is a principle of the organization of a crystal, a mineral, a live organism, energy structure of the person.
In ancient Egypt Ankh meant a life and was a life symbol. But it has appeared that Ankh reflects structure of the person chakras. It is only the first step of construction of model of inner Spirit. As this model developed is presented in the book.
Healing pyramids of Atlantis

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8
The system of chakras is known for a long time. But some of sources represent the chakras in the form of a flower or color, others - in the form of energy whirlwinds or in the form of sacral symbols (Tantra). It is known, that chakras operate work of internal gland and provide with energy vegetative nervous system.

This model the system of chakras is presented in the form of sacral or spiritual symbols of ancient India and Egypt.
Such known elements as ida, pingala, sushumna and chakras are presented in this model.
That Ankh operate work of a complex of pyramids and facilitate the balancing of the chakras.

Now it becomes clear why ancient Egyptians gave to a symbol Ankh such important sacral value.

But these model only the first step for creation of full model which includes system of subtle bodies or architecture of Soul.
Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2.


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