Here I’m not telling you about a new thing which you have never heard before. This idea lies buried deep within every soul, but alas no one bothers to look inside and we keep getting deluded by the exterior .
There is a point in our body called Muladhara(pelvic plexus) wherein coiled like a serpent , and dormant lies the Kundalini shakti (the eternal energy that possesses the power to cause transcendence).When we concentrate our energy on this during meditation ,getting detached from outside world , we can experience it rising up like a snake wading in a lake , likewise there is a lake within called susumna , in which that serpent wades it rises up , higher ,higher , even more higher ,stopping at various points activating the various centers or chakras creating various experiences , the mind then goes in a trance, becomes the neutral spectator. From Muladhara the Kundalini steps into the Swadhistan (epigastric plexus) .Here it moves like a fish slightly sluggishly, then it reaches further higher to stop at Manipura (Epigastric / Solar plexus) ,here it floats like a water bubble , the mind still possesses some clutter of the outside but slowly withdraws , from Manipura it rises to Pingala, then to Hridaya also called Nimna Manas chakra (Lower mind plexus) ,here it transforms into the motion of the bob of a pendulum - to and fro ,finally its speed becomes vigorous and it ascends to Ida(Cardiac plexus), here it travels like a wild fire blazing our impurities away ,after that it ascends to Bishuddha chakra (carotid plexus) ,here it travels like a zephyr ,finally one experiences a soothing touch of the soul ,but for a short while after that it spreads its wings and slowly ascends like a bird to Ajna chakra (Madula plexus).It is till here that beginners must attempt ,after this is the steep slope of the mountain ,if someone attains this state it is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi (one loses senses ,instincts ,feelings and exterior ).Yogis have reached further up but many got lost midway ,like a ship in The Doldrums. Some enlightened people reached there which is called Sahasrara (The peak). Here the climb ends one’s prana or soul meets the Eternal self and like the pot containing river water ,when the water is poured back into the river ,the body is lost ,this state if persistent for 21 days causes even the enlightened ones to leave this body, the body is just like the shred cloth. No one could say how it feels at that time , because filled vessels stop making noise when water is poured into them Likewise these people could not speak anymore. THIS IS THE ULTIMATUM OF ALL OUR YOGA ,TO REACH ETERNITY –GOD.

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