7/17-18 Full Moon/ Conf Call Update/ Infusion of Grace Light

Looking up to the Southeast, above the Full Moon, tonight or in the AM
you'll find Jupiter...aligned with Galactic Center and ruler of
Sagitarius. Coming in tonight a photonic stream began spiraling into
Earth and each and all of us...from Source. This is unprecedented and
will increase in effects over the next 3-4 days. At that time Sirius
will be rising in the East before dawn...marking the new year as
experienced in Egypt and Atlantis.
Interesting timing.
All life down to the smallest paramecian will be positively impacted
by this act of Grace. With this DIRECT Source infusion we will change
from the old heirarchial system to a new Round Table of equals. One of
the hidden changes was one we all volunteered to embody: that of
containing all races and major templates and integrating and
transducing differences through unconditional Love so that all can
move into harmonic resonance and balance under the principles of the
Law of the One. This is our new configuration template that will now
begin to co-create a new way of expressing ourselves as equals or
equivalents. This has never happened before and is being watched by
representatives from 200 million templates and worlds who all
contributed some abilities and wisdom to our development and
refinement as we demonstrate our Ascension as a Collective One
integrated with our higher selves and becoming fully consciously awake
and aware, interdimensionaly and multidimensionaly as we remember our
origins as divine beings and continue to progress individually and
collectively on our incredible journey back to god-consciousness.

Many will begin to discover new feelings/perceptions and notice how
they are beginning to react differently than before. We could not
have achieved this through 25 years of meditation or good works; it is
the means by which all life will gain freedom to make new choices.

During our Conf Call tonight, Mother Sekhmet discussed this as an
unexpected 'magical' element that changes the dynamics of what is to
unfold. While Mother was channeling her presence and discussing our
current situation, Rama was OOB, at his 'normal Navigator's station'
aboard the New Jerusalem where his father, Ashtar, is the Captain and
Sananda Kumara is the Admiral. He found himself setting in some new
coordinates for the New Jerusalem...which will reposition it overhead--
at a safe altitude--over Merida, in the Yucatan. This change in
coordinates allowed him to see a stream of light particles spiraling
down and spreading over and around the planet...beginning at 9PM
MDT...and continuing to grow for as long as he was OOB. This is real.
We will see/feel our own changes.

Other matters that were discussed included a late-breaking story that
Impeachment hearings will commence tomorrow...with Dennis Kucinich and
John Conyers...and will continue until the work is completed.

Rama received a call from the wife of KOS...who we refer to as
Natasha. Items discussed include the involvement of the Military in
bringing NESARA to Announcement. They have been training for several
scenarios:Plans A, B & C. They will not know until they receive their
operational GO orders as to which plan will be ordered.

The only ones who know when and what will happen are the top echelons
of the ACIO...which stands for "Alien Contact Intelligence Office"
positioned 38 levels ABOVE the President and headed by KOS, who takes
his orders from St Germaine, Ashtar, Sananda and Mother. Key
supervising ones are Mother, Metatron, Maitreya and Michael.{"The 4
When the GO order is received, The Provost Marshall General will do
his job. Lady Master Nada--our Postal Lady for Announcing Deliveries--
will speak on TV giving the details.
Much has been posted on the Internet about that subject and all of it
is based on plans that have been superseded. The only 'delivery
people' will be teams from the 38th level. They will be 'couriers'
using special white armored vehicles assigned to the Post Office but
will not be Postal Personnel and no mail will be involved. These will
be personal couriers assigned by KOS. No Brinks trucks or banksters
will be involved. This is shared simply to clear up confusion caused
by incorrect information being passed on the internet.

In recent days several other changes have come to light. China and
Russia have agreed to Oil and Liquified Natural Gas and other things
from Iran...thereby linking their interests with Irans. Plainly
stated: Mess with Iran and you will have to deal with Russia & China
who have already deployed assets to monitor and be positioned for
whatever actions might be required. Bush immediately reacted by
issuing an Executive order allowing offshore oil drilling to resume.
His whole plan to seize Iranian Oil was thereby foiled.

You may have seen the article about the US Nuclear Missile sent to
destroy Russia's nuclear sites. That video clip showed an
'unidentified aerial vehicle' destroying the warheads on that mirv
missle. The 'UAV' was a starcraft...inforcing Ashtar's directive that
NO nuclear weapon-attacks will be allowed.

He was in Napa Valley today, ostensibly to obtain $850,000 in campaign
'contributions' from RNC heavyweights to support John McCains
desperate attempt to be a copy of Bush and continue his policies. That
will not succeed. Bush was also meeting with California's Govenor,
Arnold Swartzenegger. He has sued the Administration over Automobile
Pollution levels and is also asking for Emergency Disaster funds due
to the damage from 2093 'fires' which have raged throughout Calif and
which have caused the evacuation of 16,000+ homes and raised pollutin
levels from smoke and 'other irritants' to 10X normal levels. Again,
these are the superficial reasons for W's traveling to Calif to talk
to key RNC supporters...the real reasons are yet to be uncovered.
Financial, Political, Military implosions are obvious and are far
worse than anyone has written about. Chris Story has written of
financial criminal and even about Russian/German covert cooperation to
destroy the US, but there is much, much more to reveal and
whistleblowers are about to do just that.

Chris Story's exposure of the fraudulent theft of pension funds from
Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac who have 12.5 Trillion in subprime mortgages
for which there is no any price...and Freddy Mac is
actually bankrupt with Fannie Mae likely to be also in that position
through criminal fraud and theft of funds by the Cabalistas and their
bankster buddies protected by top administration criminals...who are
about to be arrested for War Crimes.

Karl Rove is still believing he can ignore Subpoenas and Contempt
citations. He is wrong and that will soon become obvious. An
indictment with his name on it is ready to be unsealed and executed.
This will not be a slap on the wrist that allows him to avoid serious
jail time...if he is allowed to keep breathing.

One final item of clarification on the subject of Martial Law. Fact:
Martial Law authority was granted to St Germaine and KOS by the ICJ in
1999. Any actions under Martial Law provisions will be AGAINST the
Cabalistas in D.C. or wherever they may be, not the honest citizens
speaking the truth. You may have heard that the World Court is trying
the head of Sudan for War Crimes. Get used to it. This is just the
beginning and will involve every gov't before the full magnitude of
the corruption has been exposed and justice is done.

Do not be distracted by the political drama of National
Elections...which will not be taking place as the whole cascade of
events is accelerating in the coming days to bring this too long
running travesty to an end...which will require NESARA's Announcement
and all that that entails so that we may declare Peace and Prosperity
changes for all.
The Grace Light is beyond measure or comparision as it has never been
experienced before and we will all discover this in the coming days.
Wow! Interesting time to be alive!



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