Oakland, California, US of A, February 10, 2008.
Divine Father (Christ Michael).
Subject: “Allow Me To Speak For You.”

Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Father: “My children, your Father Michael greets you. I call you into the sacred service of helping your brothers and sisters into their divine inheritance. While you are not responsible for their awakening, I encourage you to help them grow into a new self-awareness with your loving compassion of their status. Love your brothers and sisters exactly where they are, knowing that they, too, are on their journey. Perhaps they are not as far along on it as you are; nevertheless, they are seeking and they are on their own path.

“One of the most challenging aspects about service is to meet the individuals whom you wish to serve where he and she are. You do not have to be concerned about the words you speak. Allow Me to speak for you. Sit in your heart center and hold the intention and desire for My words to resonate into their soul. The more you can focus on this, the more you let go and allow Me to guide the person before you. In this manner, you allow the pressure you may place upon yourself to be of service to be released, freeing My words to echo in their hearts.

“Following this example, service becomes easier and more inspired. You learn more how to connect with Me and through your Mother. You learn how to listen with your heart to another person’s journey, validating them. You provide a safe space for them to trust you as you focus on their needs. You feel the energy moving as it connects you together; you forge a real bond. Its effects in your body are pleasurable and healing.

“My children, if you only could feel a measurement of the good you do when you allow yourselves to be available for service, you would be serving all day long! Become more mindful of the opportunities before you. Open your hearts with the desire to be of service to Me, to your Mother, and to the universe, and allow us to surprise you with new brothers and sisters to love! ”

Presented to you by the 11:11 Progress Group for

The Center for Christ Consciousness.
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