I was thinking the other night--since I do most of my hardcore thinking while laying in bed when I'm supposed to be sleeping! Anyway, I was thinking about how HARD it is to make all of your dreams come true. No, I don't want to scare anyone away with that statement, but it made me realize why so many people just stay in the place they're at and only dream of the their dreams but never put them into action. It takes guts, determination, and a heavy dose of stubborn pride to go after your dreams.
I thought to myself, "You know, if I got a job at a hospital--since I love that environment--I would have a steady job, a steady paycheck, and just be able to let it all go at the end of the day. There is comfort in that!

BUT...and here is where my higher self kicked me in the butt! lol When you're being guided--or, dragged along whether you like it or not!--to do something bigger and better in life, no matter how rough the road is you have this deep need to keep moving forward. It's like the soul takes over and says, "You need to do this! I don't give a flying fig how hard it is! Keep moving!"

It's almost like a test or experiment. How far can I go? How much can I do? How big can I get? How many people can I help?

Once you've had a taste of living on the path of dreams-to-reality, you can't possibly go back because "real life" seems so monochromatic after that. So, whether the path gets tough or not, you have this almost insane need to keep pressing forward. The prize is just at the end of the road and you have your eye on it. But you know what? Once you get there, something else waits just up a bit farther on the road. So you keep moving toward it.

The way I can best describe it is once you achieve one dream you shed your old self and emerge into something bigger, better, and brighter. You've outgrown the old you. Each time you do this it's like taking a step up and becoming something more and more amazing each time. point is, although pursuing dreams is pretty tough at times, the rewards are immense! Some people just don't want to deal with the time, patience, and courage it takes to do this though. And that's okay! But me? I'm never going back. :)

Thank you for joining me,

Dr. Kelly Psychic Counselor

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Comment by Ganesha Bhagawan Vignesvarswami on January 31, 2008 at 12:11pm
I study into the Buddhist philosophy of the four noble truths. They simply point to the two causes of suffering in life, or the second noble truth which is defined as desire and aversion. During my last vipassana retreat, someone asked about the passion or desire for the teachings and practice of the dharma itself. Dreams are desires, whether for the best or worst in any situation. What really seems important is the attachment to any dream or desire. We can have dreams without suffering the impatience, worry, or any struggle with conflicting emotions that arise in the process of working with the conflict that always occurs from the point of intention of a dream to the end result. For me, I do find it workable if the desire or dream is not about me. Even when the result is obtained, there can be a sense of "it's not enough" or when it has reached the point of result, the original intention has changed in the process of working the conflicting process of reaching the goal. Example: let's say you are hungry. You find food, but it must be cooked. The stove needs repair before it can work. At this point, most people would give up and go hungry for the night having no other options to get food. If you do stick to it, hours pass repairing the stove, then you cook, and by the time it comes to fruition, you are more tired than hungry, your original intention of eating is now replaced with fatigue. When the meal is for someone else, my fatigue and their hunger can both be fulfilled. A loose example / metaphor but I hope this sheds some light on the topic. Just my opinion.

Thanks for this forum!


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