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Healing pyramids of Atlantis

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I'm – researcher of energy healing methods, Karma Correction tools, Spirit structure.
I am qualified to offer solutions in the area of --
Mind Consciousness or Spirit
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Energy Healing pyramids

The fire clears Spirit (Karma) inside a pyramid.

Fire clears Spirit


Fire is established in one of pyramids. Sometimes, the shapes of carbon are growing inside a fire.
Water is established in a glass vessel in other pyramid. Medical tree (a cedar) is established in the third pyramid. Crystals of quartz is established in the fourth pyramid.

Pyramid dimensions, multidimensionality & shapes of pyramid.


Sacred Architecture Energy Healing pyramids.

distant energy healing pyramid

It's the designs, which height - 2,5 - 2,7 metres or 7 - 8.8 feet.

Complex of the energy healing pyramids are constructed of color glass, metal, stone, ceramics, tree, amber, different crystal, turquoise, corals, amethyst, azurite, nephrite, porcelain, ceramics, and other materials. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc and cupronickel.

New data are received by a method radiesthesia (pendulum) and channeling.

Healing Pyramids gives life energy, balancing of subtle energy, energy healing chakras, aura, subtle bodies, karma correction and healing past lives (last life) – reincarnations, without contact, only on your photo on any distance.

Spiritual energy healing.


Balancing of spiritual energy healing.


subtle energy balance

The graphic representation of the balance of subtle energy Rays or yin yang energy healt.

YIN YANG energy healt 

Energy rays of subtle energy. and rays of subtle energy.



The contacts of subtle energies between generations.



The contacts of subtle energies between reincarnations.




Healing past lives

Healing pyramids of Atlantis - Karma Correction, Karma healing & healing past lives tools. Diagnostics of Karma.

Testing infinite being


Spiritual energy of Love.



Divine Love.



The subtle energy of Love, consciousness and subtle energy of emotions. The spiritual energy pyramids.


Subtle energy of Healing hands.


Rays of subtle energy go outside from fingers of healing hands.



Healing hands

On a photo are shown what color of subtle energy that must be in fingers of healing hands.
When I have obtained these data, it has appeared that they mismatch that photo. It’s must make the diagnosis and healing pathway moving of subtle energy.
Energy rays of a body & subtle energy of the healing pyramids.


Chakras architecture.

Energy healing chakras.




Ankh meaning chakras.  

Ankh as chakras system.


Ankh chakras

healing pyramids


ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8


Chakras architecture above the head.

The healing chakras for function Spiritual energy pyramids.

chakras above the head


Energy healing Chakras above the head



It is a design in the form of an obelisk which allows operating streams of subtle energy and carries out functioning of all system of chakras: as the chakras above a head, so and the first 7 chakras of a body and a head, and also the diaphragms (3) are located under foot.


The height of the design is 2, 5 meters (8 foot).


21 chakras go out from a lateral surface of obelisk, 3 diaphragms or chakras of the flat shape are located horizontal plan. One of them (1) is located in the top of part, another diaphragms (2) divides all construction on two unequal parts – 7/1, and the third diaphragms (3) is located in the bottom part of a design.


In the top part of a design are placed 21 chakras above the head. Diaphragms (2) corresponds to chakra 8 from data Syndi Dale and also it is located over a head.


The bottom part of a design under diaphragms (2) contains known 7 chakras of a body and a head. The diaphragms (3) in the bottom part of a design corresponds to chakra 10 from data Syndi.



Healing chakras above a head..




Distant energy healing pyramids.

Spiritual energy pyramids or

3d Yantra.

Spiritual energy healing pyramids or 3d Yantra healing.

Spiritual healing is when the subtle energy is transmitted to the person who needs it. The treatment works on the emotions, subtle body, chakras system body, mind and spirit.

Konstantin's Blog

The subtle energy of Healing hands

Ways of movement of energy rays in a body and places of their exit are known in the literature of energy medicine and Polarity therapy (Randolph Stone N.D.,).

New data show the subtle energy rays of healing pyramids.

Subtle energy rays of the body & healing pyramids

Each such ray (a component of energy chi, prana) is designated by letters or color.… Continue

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 9:00am

Anatomy of inner Spirit or Ankh model of chakras system.

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2

Formation process of structure of chakras system is similar to process of a crystal growth.

New elements are established on the previous model, in the form of a layer of spheres from amber, corals, turquoise, quartz, color glass, pearls, ceramics, onyx, malachite, nephrite, amethyst, and azurite. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, or… Continue

Posted on December 5, 2009 at 11:00pm

Anatomy of inner Spirit or Ankh model of chakras system.

In the beginning of my work it’s have given to me (channeled) to construct such design. Further it became clear, that this design represents chakras system.

It is a photo of a real design. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, and cupronickel. Elements in the shape of spheres are established from color glass, stone, ceramics, amber, turquoise, corals and different crystal: amethyst, azurite and… Continue

Posted on December 6, 2008 at 2:00pm

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At 3:10pm on December 6, 2008, Goldie said…
You're welcome, Konstantin ..

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At 1:42pm on December 6, 2008, Dick Samson said…
Welcome, Konstantin!

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