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I am a Reiki Practitioner and use Reiki to assist others in healing and transformation. Reiki is a simple hands on approach that is better than a massage. Healing, mind, body, emotions and spirit. I enjoy reading, meditation, and learning new things. I enjoy living an inspired life and will continue to do so through out the year. I also write poetry.
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Progressive Radio Network

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At 10:38pm on January 20, 2009, Violet Rain said…
Hey if you are in the NY area check out this health seminar!!
Hope to see you there!

Healthy Living 2009
Wednesday January 28th, 7 to 9 pm
RSVP for location details


Healthy Living should be a way of life not just a crash diet. Right? How many of you are dreaming to start 2009 fresh and have made health a priority? With so much talk on health, nutrition and diet what do you really need to know to make this year different? Even Oprah has expressed a new way of living for 2009. Let Kompalya Thunderbird (nutritional consultant, reiki practioner) and Jenn Trepeck (optimal health coach, NutraMetrix Consultant, Transitions Lifestyle System Coach) dazzle you in an engaging evening on Health and Nutrition. Not that boring stuff, but information that works! PLUS enjoy samples of healthy products and a discount for those who are ready to get started on the right foot.

Cost : $5 if you pre-pay, $10 at the door.

At 4:50am on June 24, 2008, René Allen said…
Violet Rain ~ I thank you for the comment you left me. We have many Reiki Practitioners over in one of my other connected Groups ~ some of which are seeking to be Masters . . . {many of which visit here from time to time}, and have Networks here as well. There will be many more members over here on Ning shortly.

I am in the middle of preparing for a LIVE ON-LINE INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP for Author Maryanne Raphael ~ Author of "WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME" over in my Dream Depths Group. That Event will take place on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25th at 8:00 p.m. ~ Eastern Time. You are invited to stop by. It will be fascinating, and all participants will be able to ask questions of the Author during the INTERVIEW and WORKSHOP. WE will be touching upon DREAMS, as well as the wisdom that Mother Teresa passed on to Maryanne Raphael. You are certainly invited to the Events over there!

I invite you to also stop by my Artistic Therapy Group ~ as we deal with many issues there that you may be interested in . . . including BPD, Bi-Polar diagnoses, PTSD, EDMR, and many other issues. We use both Talk Group Therapy and Artistic Therapy {literary works, poetic works, artworks, music therapy} while focusing on book studies as well. This particular Group has a more relaxed environment. You can visit by going to ~ as you mentioned that you would like to participate in Discussions of this nature. This particular Group may be of interest to you.

Artistic Minds® is updating it's Sites on Ning and in other areas at the present time. However, there is another very active Group of Artistic Minds®, where you can view the artistic creations of the membership ~ both literary, musical, poetic, and innovative creations. The Group Site is . . . ~ Do visit us there as well.

As soon as the Event is over with Author Maryanne Raphael, I will be back over here more.

I'll keep in touch with you!

Blessings ~
At 7:54pm on May 6, 2008, Violet Rain said…
Hello all I have changed my user name to Violet Rain. I feel better doing this. Thanks for understanding.
At 7:00pm on April 24, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Thanks for your reply. I hold back on what I do to a degree because most people would not believe it. I travers thousands of universes and dimensions and between plans. I will share a writing that is highly condensed in which I became of myself if you Like. To you it may not seem like much but it transformed my life and in every sense of my being, I continue to do the work, this force drives me to do and nothing else seems to be of much importance but I don enjoy my daily living but this urgency or call that pulls me to connect is very strong. I have learned much about US and what we are. WE are all a single being.
I will post my experience if will please keep it confidential. I only share this with very few. You may be the 5th person.
Namaste, Silvershaman
An experience I had during trance meditation. Somewhere in mid 2004 while alone in near theta level.

A Straight Line
In each day of our life, we have distractions, many distractions.
They are too many to count; they are too powerful to allow peace.
This input comes from many sources from all around each of us.
Much of these sensory drills are overwhelming to the conscious mind.
The human mind can make adjustments for sensory overload.
In this process some parts of the person will change and rewire.
This is known as sacrificial protection and memory suppression.
These memories are always in the mind and never go away.
At certain points in time these painful or difficult memories can surface.
Many have these sudden memories in the awakening hours or asleep.
Most do not know how to free themselves from this continuous pain.
Healing is possible however; many suffer entire lives with no relief or no help.
There is relief and healing possible and the causes can be found.
I once followed a long jagged edge for many decades with no understanding and with much pain and suffering and endless thoughts of blindness then there was a happening. (The experience)
A straight Line appeared a very thin tiny straight line and from this line I gained information as I gazed into it. If I touched it, visions and movies and all that I needed or wished to see would appear. If I placed my ears close to the line I could hear everything that I needed to hear. . When I placed my eyes very close to the line I could see it was very silvery looking and as I became close enough I could see far into the Universes as all my Psychic senses became awakened. Then I became aware that I am. Then I became aware that we are. Then I became aware that everything is the line and the line is composed of many smaller lines...threads and those threads am composed of smaller fibers and those branch into smaller bead chains and it continues from there..
A straight Line into a myriad of infinities that is so long one could not imagine that if you back away it has a blinding Light and it resembles a Wide Ribbon that spans billions of Universes wide and makes a twist and reconnects back together like an Infinity sign. I traveled the ribbon and sometimes I would be on the inside and sometimes on the outside.
Time was different at each inside moment. However: it was possible to cross through the ribbon to the opposite side like sliding through a piece of glass no thicker than a hair but with no more resistance than water. And, I noticed as I traveled there were many more layers of these Infinities of existences extending yet having space all between the areas outside the loops and inside the loops. I have made contact with many forms of life, entities, beings, and intelligent energies. To say what I have experienced I can not truly say. I can only give to you this highly condensed version of who the Silvershaman is.
If we look for what we need, it will appear.
If we look for what we don't need, nothing will appear.
Now, I am Silvershaman
At 8:01am on April 24, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
I have has some weird experiences if I mention alien to anyone lately, even my wife. She hase never done that. Is there some new energy form we can not pick up on that the Grays are using. I am in contact with the Pleiadians and the Arcturians but no mentions unless the magnetic shift we are in is affecting protective shields.
After the commment I just read on all the Alien videos is makes me wonder, I have a friend that goes to Arkansas UFO yearly conference and perhaps I can find some new information this is coming up soon.
At 9:36pm on April 23, 2008, Violet Rain said…
Sure! The SuperLife website is under “maintenance” according to a computer scream message I got today when I tried to log in to the site. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the “alien” information no longer works or is forced off the website. Look at how they forced the Pleiadian videos to no longer work! I’ve been having extreme difficulties trying to log in to the SuperLife website so much so that I had to click the link to friend’s email to superlife in order to send videos, forums, etc. Someone or a group of someone’s I think, seriously do not want me to share what I know with anyone any longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if “they” send officials to my house to ship me off to some goo-log or kill me. A lot of stuff is going down, Kompalya! “Aliens” are nothing more than a laboratory created slave race for the fallen angels. The “aliens” that are left are these “descendents.” I send a very detailed letter exposing everything to Dr. Greer. Dr. Greer was in one of those “alien” exposure videos who quit his everyday job to search for the truth sort of speak who now is going to Congress with military eyewitnesses & documentations. I exposed to Dr. Greer the following: Top secret military projects such as EIA & DIA, Black Projects (what he mentioned), the different breeds of “aliens,” Majestic 12 project etc.

What’s at hand: XXI The World

Look at both sides of every situation & surround yourself with those who truly love you. Refuse to get shaken when others try to undermine your confidence in your strength & abilities. Rewards & pay-backs are just around the corner. Don’t give up anything for anyone.

Past Influences: Page of Swords, reversed

You often change your course of action as you work toward your goals. This isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you keep your goals clearly in focus. Friends may make excessive demands. Decline kindly but firmly.

Ponder This: II of Pentacles

Let go of something old in preparation for new opportunities. Keep your ears tuned to alternative business proposals. Brainstorm with peers, explore teamwork.

What to do: Knight of Cups

A break from responsibilities soon arrives. Let others pamper you. Do something nice for yourself.

Please contact Michelle directly at:
At 5:12am on March 21, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Kopalaya, there are many things that I do to facilitate and things that I do. Visit my space
to read some of my blogs and then we can discuss some beginnings.
I am glad to help you in any and always that are possible to bring new light energy to your work. It will happen.
It is my wish for you to receive all that you want and need to achieve you Life purpose and goals and to recieve the satisfaction and fulfillment from you work.
At 5:08pm on March 19, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
animated simely face
At 7:50pm on March 11, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Kompalya, I utilize various methods of Reiki energy combined with other healing modalities and help from ascended masters and Archangels.
I will be glad to discuss and assist you in any aspect.
At 7:47pm on March 11, 2008, Silver Shaman said…
Thanks for adding me, I wish that you receive all that you want and need to meet all of your desires to become all that you aspire to be and meet you life purposes and goals of happiness.

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