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Science and technology are zooming! That's good but also bad.

The big problem with science today is that it's not scientific enough. It's plagued -- like religion before the modern era -- by outdated assumptions and dogmas; and limited to "acceptable" areas of inquiry by powerful political and economic forces.

The result is rapid proliferation of findings and technology in fields such as electronics, recombinant DNA (for genetically-modified crops), and pharmaceuticals, with snail-pace progress and even suppression in areas such as advanced energy and transport, sustainable agriculture, preventive healthcare, space flight, the placebo effect, and other mind-matter interactions.

The good news is that a paradigm shift, now emerging, may sweep away the old assumptions and loosen the hold that corporate and federal money has on research, allowing science to soar as never before.

This development will help us avoid terminal pollution and environmental collapse.  What's coming are advanced, accelerating forms of science and technology that allow thinking in areas that are now frowned upon or lack funding  support.  It might be called SuperScience.

The sci-tech sector is zooming ahead but can zoom faster, and more soundly, through more consistent application of the pristine scientific method -- and in a way that's eminently sustainable.

Topics to be covered include leading-edge developments in biotechnology, brain science, medical science, electronics, software, Internet, robotics, artificial intelligence, materials science, nanotechnology, renewable energy, exotic energy, unconventional science (investigation of UFO's, crop circles, and the paranormal), and others.

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