SuperLife: the Overall Trend

Positive trends in six key areas -- mind, health, living, science,  money, and culture -- are interacting synergistically to create an overall trend toward sustainable prosperity or well-being on a global scale.

It's an unprecedented, historic move to the next level for humanity: better times for many in the near future, and eventually a green golden age of higher functioning and fulfillment. 

There is, of course, no guarantee the overall trend will pan out. It could be stopped cold by obstacles and counter-trends of every sort. However, with luck, vision, innovation, and hard work, there's a chance we can make it to the new plateau, thriving within tomorrow's infinite promise.

The exciting, hopeful thing about the overall trend and sub-trends is that they are not just making things better by degrees; they're making things much better in quantum leaps.  Riding these special trends is like riding a horse that trots faster and faster until, suddenly, it breaks into a graceful, flowing canter: a new level of speed that's less jarring and more fun.

Widespread and varied as they are, these positive trends remain in the minority, especially as reflected in the daily news. They're overshadowed and obscured by problems, conflicts, and roadblocks stemming from yesterday's thinking. But they're extremely powerful and some are already growing exponentially. 

A single principle underlies the overall trend and all the sub- and sub-sub trends: the "meta" principle. As used here "meta" means "higher,” “beyond,” “embracing,” “about,” or "self-referential." For example, meta-science is the science of science, and a meta-analysis is a study embracing the results of other studies. (In SuperLife, we use "super" as a less-arcane synonym for "meta.")

Of the six trend categories of SuperLife, the MIND category is key, since that's where the "meta" principle comes from. It appears subsequently within the other five categories, since all are driven by consciousness, thought, feeling, and will.

In the mind category, the basic shift is from mind to meta-mind (or super-mind). Examples include not just thinking but thinking how to think and monitoring your thoughts for extra mileage; not just having emotions but observing and thereby channeling and managing your emotions.

In the sleep state, an example of meta-mind is moving up from dreaming to lucid dreaming (knowing you're dreaming while dreaming and thereby guiding your dreams if you want to, or just experiencing them more vividly).

Meta approaches are also beginning to transform education of all types for all ages, and to broaden its reach globally to all income levels.

In the other five categories, important trends, characterized by the meta principle, are also proliferating. They are changing --

  • HEALTH: Approaches to healthcare, prevention, wellness, longevity, and the function of bodily organs including the brain -- as well as agriculture and environmental stewardship;
  • LIVING: Ways of interacting in families, communities, and organizations of all types;
  • SCIENCE: Developments in all disciplines of scientific research, engineering and technology;
  • MONEY: The nature of money itself and how we manage exchange, economics, business, and occupations; 
  • CULTURE: Developments in the arts, publishing, leisure, sports and play, the Internet, and communication or all types.

Most of us are already involved in "meta" trends of many types, but may not know it. By increasing our knowledge of what's happening, we can magnify our power and accelerate the positive momentum.

Positively and creatively

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