When I was in the seventh grade, there was this guy name Jack Reese, who lived in the country part of town down in Montgomery Alabama. I became attached to him and befriended him with open heart and arms. I was very fond of him because he was like a brother that I didn't have, even-though, I lived in the city limit at the time and he was bussed to school I wanted to spend the weekend at his house for fun and games. He was my very first friend, we shared each other lunch and even at recess we played together and copied each other home work. I fell in love with this guy. Well! after graduation from high school and living in Detroit Michigan, I paid a visist back home to the old city of Montgomery and ran across Jack outside a statium where a football game was being held and I tried to communicate with him and he gave me the cold shoulders. He was so into girls by then and he acted like he didn't want to have anything to do with me because I believe he had picked up that I was gay and everdently he wasn't into homosexuals. I always wonder what ever happen to old Jack and is he still around today and what curves did life throw his way. Just wondering, Roosevelt

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