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Discussion about Reiki healing and examples of Reiki distant healing and Reiki distant attunements.

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3 distant attunements

1. Energy attunement for increasing sport results
This energy attunement would lead to increasing sports results without worry about disqualification.

It has been developed by Russian energy therapists for sport achievements. Attunement for this energy will help to enhance energy level even better that all known methods using in sport. The great advantage of this method is that it is not harm the health of users and does not have any side effects. It had been used over a decade by thousands of people who reported not only increase of the sports results but increase of health as well.

2. Reiki for vision improvement

Here see the feedbacks from the clients:

1) Just after request, tingling around head, feel need to keep eyes closed, muscles around eyes mild contractions for about five minutes, end with a feeling of release all tensions in the area, next day start improvements, i have lens with -3, feel confident to drive without glases...and keep improving. toni

2) Thank you for the attunement. It's a nice energy. Definitely, it'll help my vision. Namaste, Ngurah Dear Nadejda, I already got attuned to Clear View Energy, but would love to get re-attuned. I already felt the benefits of Clear View Best wishes, Prianggito Sulistiono Bogor

3) It is always an energising pleasure to recieve attunement from you an dthis energy is the one I needed for I am having vision problems since some days. Thank you for this energy. I shall definitely respond with my experience on Monday, 20th March. With love & light Manoj

4) Just after request, tingling around head, feel need to keep eyes closed, muscles around eyes mild contractions for about five minutes, end with a feeling of release all tensions in the area, next day start improvements, i have lens with -3, feel confident to drive without glases...and keep improving. Thanks again toni

3. Karma cleansing energy attunement

This attunement can help you deal with past life issues.
Here are some feedbacks:

The energy is very strong. I could feel it as pressure with my head during the attunement and my energy feels more tangible and solid now. Allan

Thank you for the purple fire for karma cleansing.Yes I felt it was strong.During reciving it I felt I got puched down in my chair.Felt like something very heavy was placed on my head.I have a feeling that things will turned up in the coming days. Thankyou again love and light from me.

Your response to my message happened to be on my birthday. When I realized that you had responded to my message (just now , I immediately felt my crown tingling and getting hot. Then the palms of my hands started warming up. I could see purple in my mind's eye. I could feel the energy moving down into my head and through my body. I still feel it in my crown even as I type this. Thankyou so much! ~*MUAH*~

It started at same time when i wrote you last time ,i set for Attunement strait away . Its a very strong energy but very pleasant. I could feel around crown and third eye also around palm during Attunement ,in minutes it took me too a very deep meditation state. My energy feels more tangible and solid now. with Light and energy Best Regards Adie

The energy was strong. an electrical charge all over the body(especially the hands). now to start using it thanks, alan

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Comment by smita menon on November 28, 2009 at 5:24am
I would like to follow reiki because it gives inner strength to my mind and makes
me think,feel the positive energy flowing through my mind,spirit & body.
Comment by Violet Rain on January 20, 2009 at 10:41pm
Greetings Reiki Practitioners if you are in the NY area check out this seminar.
We will also discuss the benefits of Reiki and how we can use it to treat a wide range of illnesses. Come and join in. RSVP!

If yuu know anyone in the NY area please spread the word. Thank you.

Healthy Living 2009
Wednesday January 28th, 7 to 9 pm
RSVP for location details


Healthy Living should be a way of life not just a crash diet. Right? How many of you are dreaming to start 2009 fresh and have made health a priority? With so much talk on health, nutrition and diet what do you really need to know to make this year different? Even Oprah has expressed a new way of living for 2009. Let Kompalya Thunderbird (nutritional consultant, reiki practioner) and Jenn Trepeck (optimal health coach, NutraMetrix Consultant, Transitions Lifestyle System Coach) dazzle you in an engaging evening on Health and Nutrition. Not that boring stuff, but information that works! PLUS enjoy samples of healthy products and a discount for those who are ready to get started on the right foot.

Cost : $5 if you pre-pay, $10 at the door.

Comment by smita menon on May 24, 2008 at 4:07am
Reiki means self-healing.It does wonders to ur body,
mind and soul.
Comment by Violet Rain on May 7, 2008 at 12:15pm
I am a new member. I am a Reiki Healer for five years now. I am interested in meeting other Reiki Healers on Superlife. Below is a program that I have developed called Creative Manifestations, which assist people in living fully from their essence. If anyone is in the New York area and would like to attend please do so. The lecture is free.

I am also interested in other healing practices. Thanks. Please chat with me anytime!

Creative Manifestations:
Reiki has many benefits such as, stress reduction, elimination of toxins and increased immunity. It can also facilitate the increase of joy and creativity, while harmonizing mind, body and spirit. Allowing each individual to have better health and longevity. There are many uses for Reiki. Creative manifestations uses the system of Reiki, Yoga,
Meditation, and Visualization to assist in achieving long term and short term goals. Living life form your essence and being in the flow of your highest purpose. Through a six to eight week course you will learn to
stop romancing failure, create new beliefs, and strategies for success and live fully from your essence. Learn more about Creative Manifestations on May 15th at TRS, During an evening lecture series from 7pm- 10pm.

FREE Monthly Lecture Series Thursday May 15th at, TRS, 44 East 32nd Street between Park and Madison Ave 11th Floor.

"Expand Your Psychic Awareness"
Rev. Theresa Schilizze

"Creative Manifestations
A program which uses Reiki, Yoga and Creative Visualizations
to achieve short and long term goals.
Kompalya Thunderbird

"Theta Healing"
Use a Theta Brainwave to create instant change on
the physical and emotional levels.
Terry O' Connell

"The Truth Behind the Onset of Adult Allergies"
Jennifer Wieland, Certified Health Counselor

Please feel free to bring guest to participate in this months lecture series.

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