We give away the kiosk advertising revenue free, as shares.

22 early birds at each Neighborhood Kiosk Group will qualify for a monthly check when their kiosk opens.

Those who don't join in early are bound to miss out.

We need you, and your local area is depending on you.

Are we going to help save nature? are you with us?

Join early to be eligible to receive a share of your local kiosk revenue.

Local groups grow, then establish a kiosk in a public place.

Getting started is simple,

Start A Kiosk Group
 or join one in your area.

Follow the simple instructions at FAQs page

Some neighborhood Kiosk's will be like this one below.

Others may be hexagonal with one or two sides devoted to community issues.

Check the 
Groups now for your local area and click

start a group

if no group exist for your neighborhood or area.

We are growing into hundreds of small groups all over the world.

We are most likely the only organization paying you to join

See our 
Mission Statement.

Who Are WE?

We are the SaveNaturefree members all in the 
members tab

Our head office is administered by our Founder 
Alexander Reid

The most common questions are answered on the 
FAQs page

We are the result of Alexander's work to help

the environment, nature and animals.

Without which we are all in deep water, [sic]

Giving away a fortune - Limited offer

Check 4 s,c,a,m at

Secure your monthly cheque for life.

Use the link above to check our registration details

Also you can check other scam lists & sites for

negative reports, we have found none.

--- o --- 0 --- o ---

More about us

Dear local resident, This is not a clever way of marketing to promote or sell a product or service, and we do not ask for donations of fees!

This is a very special gift for the first few (22) respondents in each district or neighborhood in every town or city, you can get a check each month for the rest of your life.

You may have been told that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, So I am making this pledge, If you can prove this is an unlawful scam or not a quinine project, I will give you 10 Million Dollars, conditions apply.

Your free website membership helps us protect nature and hundreds of issues important to the ecology of the earth.

This very special offer is made to a small and strictly limited number of early birds in your neighborhood, (be quick) who visit the website, sign in, create a group and add two friends to qualify for the monthly share of kiosk revenue.

To grow your groups membership and effectiveness we do ask you to monitor your two friends to ensure they do the same. This is the part that slightly resembles a recruiting style effort, however as you can see with no fees to join it cannot be illegal. We give you money. see the difference?

To gain more support for the NEPA (Natural Environment Protection Agenda) which is just another name for SaveNaturefree, we are giving away a small fortune. 22 group members at location across the world will be entitled to receive a monthly revenue share of the SaveNaturefree kiosk in their area if they have added two friends to the same group. So better to be early than sorry!!

The kiosk's are constructed via your local group effort.

Volunteers who have some building skills, among the 75 odd members of your team may donate their time to help with construction, or some local sponsors may get together and donate a ready made kiosk.

Simple support the website with your free membership and the local group you belong to will expand slowly or sometimes quickly.

As it grows, our emerging leaders hold discussions, steering committee meetings, and before long the kiosk project for your area is under way. The sooner you check out the Groups on this iSafeSite the greater your chance of securing your monthly kiosk revenue share for life.

This is a fully certified iSafeSite

Most common questions are answered on the 
faqs page

Contact us on the web Email us at the address in the card image below.


You need to be a member of Wonderful wealth sharing is here, the unselfish way to add comments!

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