Meditation & The Role It Plays in Today’s Modern Society

By Raymond Day

Start by closing your eyes and noticing how tense your body really is.

Like many people in our world today, I sometimes seem
overwhelmed with the things that I have to do in a day.
Work, eat, sleep, play, exercise, read, watch TV, love,
be loved, answer questions, listen to music, learn something
new, and the list goes on and on. How can we fit everything
into our crowded schedules? How can we accomplish anything?
The answer to this question is learning to let go and go with
the flow. But I can't let go of some of the things that are listed
here you say. Then learn to Meditate and your path will be easier.
But I don't know how to Meditate you say. I will teach you how.

First you must find some time and a place where you can be alone
in silence. That means no TV or radio and no distractions.
Next you must find a comfortable chair to sit in. Once these
two items are found, you can begin.

Start to let go of these tensions one by one by relaxing that part of your body.

Focus your concentration on that part of the body that
has the most tension and let go of that tension first. Take deep
breaths and then let those breaths out slowly until the tension is gone.

Once you have done this for your entire body, then concentrate on
your breathing. Notice how calm it has become.

After this initial session, you will find that you have a renewed
sense of energy and you will feel that you can accomplish anything.
In fact, you will be able to get more done. This way you can
squeeze more life out of life in our Modern society.

If you want to learn more about this and other forms of Meditation and Yoga,
visit my website.

Raymond Day
Nu-Day Technology Corp.

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Replies to This Discussion

Excellent reminders, Raymond!
Your Yogoaerobics, found on your website, is very interesting too.


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