First Contact
by Jean Michel , Author, Speaker, Free Journalist.
Beside being the title of a Star Trek movie, it is also the same concept in this reality that a first contact
with an advanced civilization from outerspace is possible and at hand.
Time to time there are some news or initiatives regarding this possibility, mostly coming from New Age
or UFO communities. Of a lesser standard are those coming from channeling circles, such as the last announcement
of contact or a big UFO show in the skies in October 2008 over Alabama, where nothing happened, once again, as each and every time such a big event is trumpeted.
This does not mean that the subject is not serious, at the contrary. I know better for having had over the years colleagues speakers in International Congresses such as American and Russian astronauts, many civilian and air force pilots, ex-intel officers, scientists, police officers, Native American Elders and some of the most credible contactees.
With these colleagues we made clear statements in pannels in the 90's that "first contact" would be the fact of negative aliens first, that is a contact on a global basis with public coverage.
This has not prevented the new age and channelings circles to continue to produce less-then-credible and less-then-genuine material and to flood us with promised un oncoming big news in the medias.
This situation necessitate some clearings, that I will try to make short, while being considered as one (of the many)
representatives of the positive advanced extraterrestrials. If asked, my colleagues contactees and speakers would probably say the very same.
A first public contact of the positive kind is unlikely since it has ALREADY HAPPENED. It was performed by the
positive extraterrestrials called the "Nordics" in UFO circles, and known in spiritual circles as "Confederation of Planets" or "Galactic Confederation of Light". Millions of people were contacted in the 50's, 60's and 70's, all over the planet, this on a personal basis for humans of various backgrounds. The very same confederation contacted also during the same period the leaders of this planet, very much in the like of "official visits" and offered help. The porposal was quite simple, help us to solve all health and environment problems, give guidance to earthlings to develop free universal energy for everything, space travel included. This was free offering, with the condition that this planet should desarm all weapons, stop all wars and all research on breaking the atom, which is contrary to galactic and universal law. Needless to say, while many humans on Earth responded favorably when contacted on a discrete and personal level, the public leaders all rebuffed the proposal of the Confederation. The typical response could be found in the story of "Val Thor" in this web page :
When the VP in America at the time gave the official response "It is a no, because this would put down our economy", it is easy to understand why : how in hell (planet Earth) could a so-called modern society based on "free market profits" made using the unbalance between rich and poor, regions with natural ressources and those with none, where wars have been and still are fully part of the system to conquer, control and make huge profits, a civilization where half ot the planet is sick of eating too much, and the other half sick of not having enough to eat, where these very"modern diseases" represent in turn great money making machines, in short how could such a civilization (sic) accept such a proposal ? Indeed and instead these very leaders chose (on behalf of the people without their knowledge) to make a deal with the negative aliens, this in various main industrial nations. The deal
then was more in their habits and regular ways : trade biological material (humans) for weapons, advanced technologies to control masses and to develop new "inventions" that would bring profits, unlike the "free universal energy" offered by the Confederation.
With regard to the above, it is very unlikely that the positive extraterrestrials would make a "first global contact" with public appearances all over the medias (controled by the system previously described). The plan of the Confederation was a contact with the people, with an adjacent program of spiritual awakening (yes using positive technologies) with the prospect of the masses of the planet deciding by themselves to join the Confederation of Planets and their level of life. For the sake of safety the definition of an "advanced civilization" is one with equal amounts of technological and spiritual evolution. Such is not the case with this human society, religions being not synonymous with spiritual evolution, case proven with the state of the planet today.
While contactees were hold in ridicule, the majority of the masses continued to vote for the same system described previous, and there is NO change in sight, even with very recent events. The point is clear, the Confederation of Planets has NO economic system, and as long as this planet has one, there is no way to join the party (sic).
There is alway some hope for miracles, yes. A man named Jimmy Carter set up a department to reveal the truth about UFO's, as promised, having had a close encounter himself. The job was done and all reports ready, but when he was put down, the system drowned the reports. Again a positive advanced extraterrestrial society and a "pre-warp" society with an economic system are incompatible.
Now a quick word about the various (insane) initiatives of various groups to call for exposure and/or for first global contact. Since the negative aliens organized in a Galactic Federation plan to appear first in a global contact, and that these are the very same the leaders of the current system on Earth decided to deal with long ago, the outcome is clear. It would be similar to ask these leaders to present to the subliminally controled masses an official contact with "our friends ancestors from space", to even improve the technologies of control and bring about a new "universal religion and i.d.", and the (in)famous "big bro" system all over the Earth. Officially, that is.
I will speak more about contacts with positive extraterrestrials as I have done for years in conferences, on Radio and TV. This short article was to fix the "First Contact" story.
Please read my blog on a more conscious "my space" that is worthy to join :
Golden Love and Light
Jean Michel/Cmdr.Lyur

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