Healing Our Greatest Fear with EFT

Using EFT

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Comment by Walter on June 28, 2008 at 7:35am
Troy-Thank you for your comment. EFT was created by Gary Graig. It is a simple energy releasing /adjusting system that by tapping certain acupunture points makes changes in your energy system. I know you know that everything is energy. Here is a video that may explain it better.

I also like Roberts way of doing EFT.
If I can be of any more assistance let me know.
Comment by Troy Davis on June 27, 2008 at 10:05pm
Walter that was great. I thank you so much for that. It is so funny. I'm sitting here at my computer, alternating between this site " and another site "" with Larry Crane. I'm learning the release technique and listening to him as he does this with people who have called in to his conference call. He's teaching people how to release their fears and other things. As soon as i log off from his site I'm wondering what fears could I let go of and as I close out his site your site pops up next on my screen and there you are, with the headline "Healing our Greatest Fear". So I'm wondering what could that be.

Indeed you are so correct. The fear of being great is probably our greatest fear, or at least one I would most definitely love to conquer. I have ran across that quote from Maryanne Williamson a few times and have always thought that it was great.

I followed along with you as you did the eft exercise and I would like to know more about the tapping that you did.



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