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At 6:08pm on October 18, 2012, larry said…

Well what I said in 2008 is not so today, Mom died and now I have him.  Before he would throw the ball to you.  Now he takes it away from you and does not share it.I ' m having trouble to bulk his food so he doesn't run all the time. Vet told me to give him more dry food than wet but thats not helping do you have a suggestion?

At 5:40pm on October 18, 2012, larry said…

Speaking of Dogs it's time to go feed mine. I have to spoon feed him or other wise he will not eat it.

At 2:17pm on March 29, 2009, Steven Raymer said…
Michelle. Why don't you and Jim and me take a long shot and attempt becoming real winners? The big payoff is a result of our(you,Jim,and me) combined creativity producing a great idea! I don't mean rolling the dice with
At 3:24pm on March 28, 2009, bart van hoeck said…
Hi Michelle,

I've been busy with alot lately cause most people here talk about something and mostly i'm not really following cause it all seems like they still know more then i do.
You got an interesting profile by the looks of it.
My believe in which i'm looking into is Asatru & Odinism the old faiths of the European people even of American's there ancestors by returning to the old believes we can remember our ancestors and what they did and die.
But much has been forgotten and ignord.
But i do like Metaphysics i'm wandering on taken some lessons from the Metaphysics collage in Clearwater Florida online lessons for now.
And i'm looking into following some online lessons aswell with coaches for the Laws of Attraction & The Secret.

At 3:09pm on March 28, 2009, Myqui Patten said…
HI - It's been quite a year, first finding my path & then being challange by illness & hospitalizations, surgery. but I'm on the mend , getting back into my refular routine. THanks for asking way back in January - sorry but I haven't beeen able to get on the site as much as would have liked to.
Hope your well & your family.
At 10:47am on March 14, 2009, Larry D. Matyas said…
Just stopped in for a visit....still working on "I Am" throught Tau Malachi.......Indeed you've evolved.....I wish you and your husband much love and light.
At 5:36pm on February 12, 2009, Ingela Schlyter said…
Hi Michelle and thanks for your message!
I am sorry to hear about your house and this economic depression is terrible for so mnay people. I am lucky to live here because we are not affected the same way as you are. THIS a short video where you can see where I live and my dog as well.
Take care and good luck!
At 11:57am on December 28, 2008, Diana T. said…
To you and yours, have a fantastic New Year.
I too am a lover and owner of 2 German Shepherds.
At 10:03am on December 23, 2008, domenica64 said…

whit love domenica64
At 8:53pm on December 13, 2008, Larry D. Matyas said…
I've been busy increasing my light, meditating on each line of the Gnostic
Gospel of St. Thomas and the Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, both by Tau Malachi. Nothing happens by co-incidence......and I'm happily continuing on my path. Thanks for asking,,,,,,I have thought of you and your husband a lot over the last few months. I'll try and keep in touch.
Much Love to you both.....Larry
At 8:36pm on December 11, 2008, June Kovac said…
Hi michelle,how are you? Thank you for printing this book,my goofy printer doesn't work here at home-will try to print out at work. Ihaven't been feeling well,very short of breath and tired over last 2 weeks,so now I must have an echocardiogram and thallium stress test. It's my heart,,so right nbow I'm just resting-don't reALLY feel like doing anything. Will keep in touch,June
At 11:00pm on November 13, 2008, June Kovac said…
HI Michelle,How are you? I got you email invitation to join your spiritual group-yes I would like to join. I am doing my own inner spiritual work as well. It is not easy,I am trying to change ALL MY THOUGHTS to positive only,to see only good,to make my decisions from only my hear(NOT BY LOGIC brain reasoning). Also,just VERY RECENTLY,I have become FAsciNATED by UFOs and extraterrestials!!!! ( I USED to think that people who were interested in all that were a "bunch of kooks." !!! hahah! NOW,I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!! Anyway,hope you and yours are well,I must get to sleep. CAIO! june
At 2:48pm on November 13, 2008, domenica64 said…
hi Michelle. love and Joy, domy
At 4:12pm on August 18, 2008, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…
Dear Michelle,
Thanks for your message. God bless you!
At 9:13pm on August 11, 2008, wayland saxton said…
Thank you for your energy. You reafirm all things I belive in. Much love,Wayland.
At 4:38am on August 11, 2008, Maher said…
At 8:31pm on July 21, 2008, June Kovac said…
Hi Michelle! Thank you for the nice welcome! I do apologize for the delay in responding-I completely FORGOT I ev en joined this site! I have joined several lately and I forget about them after awhile! I guess I have too much on my plate! But,I want to encourage you to continue with your new church-when people are 'feeling the urge',they'll find you! BTW,I LOVE your 2 beautiful dogs! They are magnificent,and I can tell..THEY ADORE YOU!!!! i CAN'T SAY i HAVE HAD ANY METAPHYSICAL EXPERIENCES,EXCEPT A COUPLE. i ALSO DO DREAM alot,ALWAYS IN COLOR,i fly alot in my dreams and seem to be getting MUCH BETTER AT FLYING. I am always listening to positive thinking CDs. I could go on,but I must go,as I get up at 0530am each day. I love all your neat things on your website-I must learn how to do all that? Keep in touch,June
At 2:30pm on July 10, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Forest of Fire
At 10:16am on July 10, 2008, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

My Dear Friend,
I love you. God Bless you always.
At 8:22am on July 10, 2008, Jenny said…
What a beautiful pic! Thank you. It is good to see you back. Have a fantastic day!

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