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At 10:07am on March 29, 2009, Steven Raymer said…
Hi Alexander. We met over a year ago. I joined and quit a couple of your groups. I started two groups. No one joined. Perhaps you should stop by There is a very nice gift there for you.
Please understand, we are going through mental renovation.(under construction) I would love to hear from you and all my ning friends.
Sincerely, Steve
At 1:05pm on December 12, 2008, Luis said…
Your answer for global warming is coming soon after the New Year. It is oil from Algae and three weeks ago I met the man who can commercialize into all the fuels.
At 10:43pm on November 13, 2008, Nicolas Guillermo said…
Anyone ever tell you you look like Stephen Segal? Kick ass for nature! Your duplication principle works. I'm going to build a KIOSK out here in Florida. Talk to you soon!
At 3:22am on July 25, 2008, Subhrodeb -the fair GOD said…
It seems that u know the basic meditation then I'll teach u a few pranayams 1ST # Anulom Bilom :-first sit cross-legged and close your right nostril with your right thumb ,inhale through your left nostril ,now close left nostril with your right ring and small fingers and exhale through the left nostril again repeat above step once ,this completes one round .Now practise atleast 100-150 times with closed eyes ,it is said to arouse your Kundalini shakti ,which causes spiritual levitation and quantum leap of your consciousness
At 12:42am on July 10, 2008, Crystal Rose said…
Thank you for your kind welcome back letter, Alex! I loved the pun! Very punny! LOL... Lots of Love to You, Michelle
At 12:30pm on July 9, 2008, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear Alexander,
Thank you for your invitation for Super Life. God Bless you. I Love you.
Dr.SohiniBen Shukla.
At 5:31pm on June 20, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Hi Alexander, How are you?? hope every thing is going along well....
At 6:09pm on May 29, 2008, Sondag said…
At 5:51pm on May 28, 2008, Sondag said…
Hi, U seem to be an interesting person,wud u mind being my friend?
At 1:15am on April 28, 2008, Larry D. Matyas said…
Your invite to your website is an interesting bit of salesmanship. It mentioned something like ratbags who don't care about their children/grandchildren wouldn't join. How would you know if a ratbag joined, wanting to mislead you into thinking he was as spiritually astute as you. Perhaps that bad-apple would spoil in the ratbags stomach. A ratbag is an interesting concept that I'm sure if made some would think it fashion and wear one to a party to store their cosmetics and cellphone. Rats can be an attractive beast that fits in with the rest of us only to overstay their welcome and spend an inordinate amount of time at the cheese tray while the rest of us are transfixed with each other; to find out too late that there are but a few crumbs left...and little substance to keep the rest of us going.....I do go on.....
At 11:20am on April 23, 2008, Larry D. Matyas said…
LOL. Your humility is breath-taking. I've visited your site before and I notice it's different now, than it was before. I've visited Blessed Be as well, I"ve seen you there, as-well.
At 9:50pm on April 22, 2008, Mukesh Sharma said…
Hi how r u
At 9:18am on April 22, 2008, Luis said…
The Truth Within will set you free.
At 10:16pm on April 17, 2008, Steven Raymer said…
Hi Alexander. May I join your group? What a remarkable image.
Steve Raymer
At 2:44pm on March 20, 2008, shekhar said…
hey hiii
Alexander............welcome to superlife.
At 12:58pm on March 3, 2008, Dick Samson said…
Just joined SaveNatureFree, Alexander. Thanks for the invite... As founder of SuperLife, I strongly support your excellent efforts. Feel free to post relevant videos, forum topics, etc. on SuperLife, and include links to SaveNatureFree. Together the two networks may be able to reach a lot more people than either could alone.

At 12:12pm on February 11, 2008, SuperLife said…
Hi, Alexander! Welcome to SuperLife!

You're now part of a fast-growing, purpose-oriented social network that is taking life to the next level. Here you'll find fertile ground for having your say, realizing your potential, and extending your influence. Please --

* Make liberal use of your blog and the forum,
* Add videos that express your views and open people's eyes,
* Participate in groups that match your interests and concerns,
* Network with fellow members to make good things happen,
* Invite colleagues and friends to join you on SuperLife.

Above all, use SuperLife to multiply the world-changing work you're already doing -- in your job, profession, business, or cause.

If you have ideas for improving SuperLife, please share them -- to make the site more attractive, user-friendly, and effective.
At 8:33pm on February 8, 2008, Vishal Trivedi said…
Hey Alexander..... welcome to superlife.


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