I AM talking bout this consciousness raising programe after a long break.  Today I AM here speaking before you and I had conducted another collective programe in Kolkata quite some time back .  Generally I remain in one place and don’t go out .  Today what I started I will continue  to propagate this idea in every nook and corner of the world  to solve all the problems as early as possible and with minimum discussions .  No need for many discourses and long lectures, it becomes quicker if it is done with minimum talk.  No, baba we need minimum 15 days discourses other wise it would be very difficult.  This kind of thinking is not right because it becomes a habit and then one does not feel good if they cannot hear the talk.  If it is so then when will you be listening to your internal feelings ?  Reduce the timings for hearing from outside and increase timing to relate internally.  The feelings that you receive from outwardly it is but his own feelings .  Every body is capable to be established internally .  I AM not telling that every one will attain the equal standard but  every body will have their own different level of realisation . Every body will be able to solve their own problems because of the constant association with Paramatma .  It may happens so that you will be in a  state where you could say that I don’t need any body’s help to settle my own problems.  This is very common not to see the things from the view point of Paramatma .  Apply the ideation of the Great in every step, the work that you can do and the work which you cannot do by yourself.  You should develop a habit of memorizing Paramatma in all situations.  Once you have developed the habit of remembering Paramatma then you would see that Paramatma is also with the work where you might have been thinking that you are doing it without the help of Paramatma.  Paramatma will speak to you secretly proving that HE is also there to help you .  And the work that you are considering as impossible,   I would help you to accomplish.  You see what a unique relation gets established in between the two .  That’s why always remember Him,  don’t forget even for a moment.  The Creator is not identified by  a particular name, color, country or place.  These identities belong to prakriti – games of maya ( illusion) .  That’s why one has to rise above the limitation of the identity and become familiar  with the entity  who is controller of every thing but it is not in your knowledge and get inspirations to do the work that seems to be difficult . Every child , person , young  should have their place according to the present conditions.  Live in the present – don’t live in the imaginary world .  You can imagine for the present but not for future world . You have to acquire the required ability  to bless others by showering  blessedness and good wishes .   How you will acquire this whether by the application of Mantra,  or goodwill from your inside or by other Mantra – I LEAVE THIS WITH YOU. But this must be the aim of every body . We must know the fundamental goal . We must develop a habit of forgetting the limitations of form , color, language, place, country, time and person for a while living aside all kinds of thought which is under the domain of prakriti, till there is a solution of the worldly problems.  You should consider this ideation as your Dharma, your temple, mosque or church. This kind of  knowledge  is also known as ARTHA – means money . Today I get news that some Dharmik persons collect some down-trodden and poor people offering money .  This acts block the process of unification in between Atma and Paramatma.




After receiving help continuously some people say – you are my Lord and I will remain a slave for you.  Thus they enslave themselves.  I say you do help others but don’t make them slaves.  Parmatma will not tolerate this.  You do impart the knowledge but let him move in his own way. You just start the thing.  If you can establish yourself and can develop the idea to help others, then I will see you all again. Today this is MY meeting and identification with you all .  Here is the end – Namaskar.




































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