Some times people are in pensive mood and some times people smiles nicely. It is alright if one is connected with Paramatma  and laughs graciously for a short time.  People should always manage a balanced mood – neither they need to laugh nor feel sad for a long duration.  Here is no sentimental issue but the universal idea should prevail.  Yet everybody will be able to execute their own language, personality and culture to make a unique universe (unity in diversity) . Here are many competent persons in the audience who can help in this respect.  Dear brothers and sisters you should take the leadership – utilizing your ability – in villages,  states and countries throughout the world.  You must not have any fear complex while you actively take part in politics to express the SATYA because Paramatma is with you.  Initially you begin with very common service ( relief, road repairing etc) and when you feel confident then start political service. Like many freedom fighters, while you are still in politics, you can develop more awareness and attain Samadhi and finally work in the spiritual field.  This indicates that those doing  so called common service and searching for Paramatma,  develop courage and close proximity with the Divinity – should work in the politics.  When Paramatma is realized the fear disappears .  While working for others with the ideation of the Great one can foresee the goal clearly that a great guiding force is working within and no need to seek help from any mortal frame.  When you can feel from within that a special force is helping you – any external force whether a bullet or a bomb nothing could scare or harm you.  Paramatma always associating and assisting everything because HE is the Creator.  Definitely HE is every where but one must develop that connection – otherwise you cannot do the work.  Today those Gurus and others who are delivering spiritual discourses  have their own realization .  Everyone is discoursing according their own level of realization .  Without the realization of Paramatma you cannot undertake the leadership in the world.  Even in  a family a responsible father does not organize marriage for his abnormal children – they  meticulously calculate whether my son or daughter is worthy to manage a family or not.  After a lot of considerations they agree  to conduct the marriages but never think that their sons and daughters could develop more capability or not.  At that stage too they can develop close connection with Paramatma and not only can manage  the family but also serve the country .  Everyone –every soul is illegible to do that.  But normally there is hardly anybody in the family to encourage to right ideation, right language .  One loses interest in learning while staying in distant place.  When they do live in the family,  then there is constant pressure and persuasion  on behalf of the family to study well, become successful and maintain a good livelihood .  There is neither this kind of pressure in the school nor from the parents  telling them – my son , you must develop the spiritual awareness to find--- how and why  you are here?  and where to go? About your being into existence and final destiny .  There are special souls who effortlessly receive the self knowledge without any external help.  We can have a  system where everybody should try to develop the awareness to identify with the cosmic Father,  can become prominent and become very famous.  A callous attitude prevails in the society that this kind of responsibility lies only with the Sanyasi.  If they come back in the social life we make the stumbling block for them.  But it is not necessary that those who lead a life of a Sanyasi, Grihi



 family person) ,  Guru or disciple they should remain in same status – these are all incomplete .  Already there is Chaturashram  system practiced  in the society to complete the life cycle fully.  At the beginning a common life, then learning period ,  then family life serving society with the ideation of Great and finally surrender to Paramatma.  That’s why if somebody works as Guru and pass whole life at one point in one style is a distortion, weakness and incomplete .  On the other hand family people think in deferent way – we are engaged in family life – cannot do other things – I already organized the marriage of my grown up children and can do nothing more.  This has become a common trend .  While leading the life as a family they still can make their mind very strong like a Sanyasi – nothing to do with the dress,  long beard etc.  Keeping  your spirit steady and high towards the perspective you can perform the duties in a nice manner.  Generally people visit temples ,  mosques or churches follow some rituals which are imposed by some body by their self created knowledge.  When somebody discusses about the shape of a temple, then another person might be talking about the shape of a Church though only difference in names.  All this external paraphernalia is nothing to do with the spirit of real temple.  So there is only one temple in the whole creation—inside the very recess of the mind where one can contemplate quietly .  Everyone Hindus , Muslims, Christians know it that there is only one temple (inside the mind)  but once they come out of  that  point they start to see temple, church, mosque separately .  Some people designate their huts as temple, some consider building as temple yet some thinks their caves as temple.  But the real temple is only one provided  by Paramatma  where one can think oneself , for others, for Bhagavan – for Paramatma.  That temple is equal for everybody even for the animals and birds .  Just see there is only one temple for all, everybody goes there, the moment we leave that place we start to feel different.  I am making a suggestion for everybody that you try to reach to that point where separate feeling of cast ,  religions , sentiments disappear.  Every thing came into existence from the same point, that belongs to everybody, which can relief us from pain, sickness, can make us free from all kinds of narrow feelings – high or low , white or black,  temples, mosques, churches – one can realize everybody is equal .  Third eye the faculty of real knowledge starts functioning from this point – through which we identify and recognize the rudimental cause of creation – the five fundamental factors and a soul.  So the question of  division does not arises.  It is an introvertial  journey – so this small point is symbolizing the existence of the Great .  You can orally understand unto this point not beyond this till you are confined within a physical frame.  The beaming brightness within each physical structure  and a feeling arises that I have hidden this effulgence realizing the falsity of fundamental factors and slowly become purified . Once you are purified you start to think to make others pure and a strong feeling of bondage – prema develops.  When the children specially the little girls engaged in playing makes small toy houses and say this is mine and that one is yours with a very friendly mood .  People are all friends to each other irrespective of place, country and should live in peace.  None is enemy in reality but only friends including all the creatures.  This is a Cosmic drama, a system to beautify the creation. 



In reality we all are in a friendly bondage – one is dearer to others, to all creatures, one country to other country and it is so strong that no one can break this tie.  So there is no enemy of India.  Does it mean India and America will become one ? No – due to excess importance has attached in the mundane sphere  and outside , the internal feeling lost the balance.  So we have to reverse it – develop more internal feeling and maintain the natural beauty in the external world.  This should be done individually as well as collectively .  Morever the division around the world is not created by some individuals.  There is special purpose for this ( division of work ) .  Today one can climb up the ladder of the power from a very common background.  A shudra can become Brahmin  (vipra) – can do great work. So we should understand the reason and no need to fight about the division of work. Work division is the corner stone of progress where  healthy competition is essential. We should have a constant effort to channelise  the attention from outside to inside .  We must find a solution in this respect so that the present world could be saved from an unprecedented crisis.  We must tune with the system where we can venture and come out of limitations at our will. Otherwise those who are engaged in verbal war ( I am hindu, you are muslim) how long they can restrain within the ambit of language !  we become sentimentalized – we are pakistaniis, Indians, Hundus, Muslims, Christians – entangled ourselves without notice, we become the victims of pseudo sentiment.  How long this demonic force will     dominate our minds?  Finally a moment may come when we may witness the horrific clash – sword against sword—country against  country – many historical evidences point out to this direction .  How does it happen ?  First one side starts stealing  from another side stealthily then opposite side repeats the same .  Finally this evil act reaches to the peak and – vocal war starts.  If it stops here then it is considered as minimum standard of compromise. If it does not stop here then there takes place a kind of unhealthy race ,  tests and demonstrations to show the atomic power.  When we are not capable to find the solution then we feel convinced that there is possibilities of high profile war and one day this long cherished idea may get materialized in reality.  That’s why the Gurus irrespective of any religious denominations – Hindu, Muslim, Christians must involve themselves to solve this urgent issue psychically as emergency  basis .  The Muslim Gurus should remind the followers – how great ALLAH is , HE cannot even think of any evil to others .  If this is not done then the enormity of loses will effect not only one particular community but all.  At the end all the communities will conclude that it was a great mistake by us all.  If we could relate and rectify that mistake today itself then all will be saved from the  great disaster .  This is imperative that the Gurus, individuals carry this consciousness raising programe  using the Mantra or Tantra  or any other means urgently .  Suppose we like to grow some crops in a  farm we need water ,  manure etc. When water is needed we cannot use the manure instead .  If rain water is not available then we should look for the alternative.  Today water supply is more necessary then manure – more water and less food.  We must direct our destructive attitude towards a positive and constructive way.  We can build a beautiful , green and peaceful world together – then we can use more fertilizer to grow maintaining a balance in between the use of water and fertilizer .



I am delivering this message for every soul of the world.  Those who are calm ,  collected and ready internally they should start the rectification work for the world  beginning  from their own houses.  If somebody lacks of required feeling then let them borrow from others and you can share some of your when you have enough.  Because nobody in the world can stake demand that they have every thing sufficiently . In the spiritual world one should share their realization to maintain a friendly and cordial relations with other.  Because if you learn some thing from others then it becomes imperative that you share it with others—don’t go to Himalaya in hiding.  As we do exchange in the physical world – we should also do it in the spiritual world.  We should create a congenial atmosphere and slowly increase the boundary .  When treading in the spiritual path if you come across someone who behaves like unspiritual  then try to raise the awareness .  First you prepare yourself because when you try to rectify others they may point out to you about your deficiency .                


Nobody should feel annoyed – if you respect ME ( CHAKRADHAR), obey ME then you give up your narrow sentiments .  I am not limited within the boundary of language , Idea, country, colour, place etc.  While conversing  nobody should speak that my Guru is like this colour , wears this kind of dress ,  speaks in this style.   Everybody’s good intention unitedly makes MY thought . That’s why there is no speciality – no particular frame of rules.  According to the need of the situation you have to develop your system .  Some body goes to face a whirlpool they must have proper training before hand.  Those who likes to go ahead and carry MY work highlighting the idea and language and face opposition either from the spiritual, political or social sides you have to display the universal feelings and bring them into your fold.  Never indulge in fighting being carried away by narrow ideas.  If you defeat some body with the help of narrow sentiment – it is not a defeat rather it is suppression . But if you can talk to a person applying  supreme ideation and make him understand even he comes from a sentimental background then obviously you can develop friendship with him. What are the hindrances  in establishing the friendliness with others ? There is a very common tendency amongst people to impose their own ideas on others – thus they create enemy.  Blame game starts – this person has criticized my Guru,  my cast, my country, my state, my language – thus enemosity develops. 


While you are dealing with a person biased with limited sentiments then you should try to see that there is an unlimited talent sparkling within that limited mind. Though you are speaking with the ideation of CHAKRADHAR , counterpart is limited , even he is not taking MY name yet be watchful  how CHAKRADHAR’s words are getting expressed through him .

Thus you will be able to win the person . Question of win of defeat does not arise here – it will enhance the friendliness in between you .  Thus if Hindus and Muslims understand each other then friendliness will be there.  But if one group tries to impose there own ideas on others then instead of verbal war it may turn into full scale nasty war in future.  I (CHAKRADHAR) created the system of bondages ,  languages, castes (work oriented) since long .  Slowly we will understand the cause of bondages.  Once we can make ourselves free from the bondages, we can see bondage free Jiiva ( creature) as Shiva.


Thus everybody could be freed from the sentimental legacy – nobody is Hindu or Muslim, nor American or Indian – a very strong sweet feeling will develop.  So we should maintain this equilibrium within and a healthy competitive attitude outside to ensure the progress in the world.  Today there is conflicting competition in the world – it is static .  We must overcome this shortcomings and involve in wider and broader activities to establish peace and progress in the world.  There prevails the demonic competition ( deadly arms production) in the world which can annihilate the world totally . It is suggested that killing or to be killed should take place within oneself with a conscious decision .  It will be simply idiotic, foolishness if somebody tends to solve the problem by exerting physical pressure only.  We  all are divine children of the Great .  Physical  force will hamper the prestige of me and of my father.  Should any one think to tarnish the honor for himself and of his father ?  This applies for both – individually and collectively.  This will be unbearable insult for me, for my father and the Creator – if we try to bring solutions by destroying others.  In case we face this kind of  destruction, we cannot imagine the sufferings of the surviving generations for long time to come.  The imagination that we will leave well after math of the destruction of the opponent , itself is a lunatic idea ( living in fool’s paradise). The survivers  have to suffer like any thing . 


The demon like emperor Ashok was transformed after the horrific bloody war into Dharmik Ashok. Buddha had to abdicate the comfortable royal life style and brought the divine message for the common people.  Why so ?  As a ruler they could impose the rules adopting different means .  Instead the proclamation came from them – “ I was a king and still I remain a king – then I was a small king and used to sit in the throne but now I am the real king—king of the heart of the people – I live in the people’s heart – they live in my heart too.  When in the war field it was difficult .  There was commanding attitude – no love now it is a loving relationship only where a common man could request me – o dear king please do give us advice”.  There was a time when king was ordering,  fear complex was there but today the king deals in loving mood .  This is  nicer and this kind of royal ness is much higher then the previous one. 


There is a nice feeling here – I AM SPEAKING –  you are  listening , you are understanding and I AM enjoying .  You are winning, I AM also winning.  Victory is for everybody .  How are you winning ?  You are attracting ME from far away .  That is a great victory for you .  That is your collective power .  If  Sachin  was alone I would have been sitting in his mind and talking to him internally.  If anybody is reaching that stage then I express MYSELF through that person. But that is individual and not necessary to be present physically. But when there is collective urge then I respond and appear physically living MY abode.  You are victorious that is why I AM here with you all .  I AM not limited by any kind of finite idea or place .  I AM like you.  As you change your dress,  food throughout the day I also do so.  I change MY food menu as you do.  I also organize MY routine.  I AM  same as you inside and outside.  There is no fixed rules to be followed for whole life .  System must be



modified according to the need of situation .  The modification applies not only in social and political area but it is equally applicable for the  rules, systems introduced by discoursing Gurus .  You know by dint of continuous conversations  in between Guru and disciple an undesirable situation has been evolved,  where one disciple is not even willing to listen the words of other Guru – though the contents are relating to higher knowledge ( about Brahma or Paramatma) .   We have become so divided that we are not listening about Paramatma but grasping the words of the Guru.  We live inside him.  All the Gurus are only the representative of Paramatma ,  they are divine messengers ( Deva-duta ) . We are supposed to pay homage to Deva  hearing from Paramatma  through Devaduta  instead we get lost to Devadutas hearing the language of Deva.  Automatically so many divisions –so many Gurus –who can count them ! each of them have their own different sets of  instructions for their followers .  Though the Gurus talk about Pahamatma or Brahma yet one disciple of one Guru does ostrasize other Guru or disciple.  The result is disunity.  That time is gone. That is why everyone Guru or disciple gradually should make a move to reach to the creator ( destiny) and to become one internally .  Once you are in that stage Creator Himself will show you that  HE is not only your Creator but also the Creator of the rest of crores ( millions) .  Those who are teaching you they are much more advanced then you , that is  why they are teaching.   But you don’t become trapped or  mesmerized by them , you learn from them and remember ME .  When ever we remember Krishna , Ram or Shiva a great ideation reflects in our mind that this vast creation belongs to Krishna or Rama yet this has become 99% sentimentalized .  That is the reason when somebody is preaching Krishna- Krishna then instead of remembering HIM you remember the preacher in your memory .  One starts to feel that you are my Krishna , you are everything, because it is coming through you – I am listening to you – atma has turned into Paramatma. Is it not so ?  But there is no break of slave attitude.  Guru also knows that he should allow the disciple to move forward on his own way and prepare him for the spiritual awakening. Guru’s own spiritual awakening is not supposed to re-kindle the awakening of the disciple. He can assist the disciple, but the disciple has to do it himself.  If anybody becomes awakened by other’s  discourses then he is going  to be fascinated or hypnotized .  You take help or guidance from other’s teachings – you do not lead your whole life as a disciple. The disciple should pioneer the way  so that he could establish himself as Guru.  You can move forward and go ahead – do you follow ME what I mean to say.  I do not intend to speak too much because it will create same trend.  That is the reason I AM not willing to visit here and there physically too much.  I can express through any media in any place staying any where .  I used to do so .  But today I felt that it would be nice to meet you collectively because some people were thinking that I was  visiting some times but not meeting anybody.  What can I do if I visit here (one place) then other side remains empty and vice-versa.  That is why I want to fulfill whatever the world needs remaining in one place.  If you are practicing this Mantra or any other Mantra given by realized personality, you do use and get 100% benefit by rectifying your personal , family , social and spiritual life.   Let us all unitedly take an effective measures to glorify and beautify the extraordinary world which is already so beautiful ( magnificent).


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