Those who carry the divine message of Paramatma from His point of view of His creation, with a very loving attitude are called SAMVAHAK or RAJDUT (ROYAL MESSENGER). When one moves along th…






Those who carry the divine message of Paramatma from His point of view of His creation,
with a very loving attitude are called SAMVAHAK or RAJDUT (ROYAL MESSENGER).
When one moves along the path of spirituality one develops an outlook where
division between Creator and Creation, cease to exist. Those who move forward with the
ideation of Parmatma, taking the creation with them, that collective body is called Samaj.
Before starting benevolent service to the society, one should first become well
established in spirituality. While establishing oneself in Satya, a person must rectify himself
and follow the path of Vidya. First, Vidya implies finding a beautiful way of life for every
creature while keeping the ideation of Paramatma intact.
Vidya is based on Satya and will help us to solve the problems of the present day. Satya
means, what one thinks and speaks is the same, and one should act accordingly. There
should be proper balance amongst thought, expression and action. In addition whatever we
think, speak and do, should be in the interest of society and should enhance one’s spiritual
progress- only then it is entitled to be called Satya.
Present day leaders learn only from the mundane world and apply that knowledge in the
same realm – this is the reason for the restlessness and unhappiness prevalent in the society
– because of this, the society is suffering badly from such maladies as lawlessness,
corruption, exploitation, injustice and oppression. If someone delivers service inspired by
spiritual feeling, their actions will benefit everybody and last for long time.
We must know our fundamental goal and develop a habit of forgetting the limitation of form,
colour, language, place, country, time and person. If we can do the work, leaving aside all
kinds of ill thoughts and narrowism, which are under the domain of prakriti, there will be a
solution for every burning problem of the day.
Our progress lies in it. Currently there is no prohibition of giving spiritual education in our
schools, colleges and homes. People know their father but are not rightly familiar with the
Cosmic Father. That’s why we must impart spiritual education simultaneously along with the
mundane education.
In this way, everyone can become familiar not only with the physical father but also with the
cosmic Father. There is only one place in this creation where there remains no difference
between Hindus, Muslims or Christians, that place resides inside your mind. That’s the only
place, that place is a non-physical temple (point). That is the only place created by
Paramatma – you may call it by the name of temple or by any other synonym – everybody
goes there and thinks about one self or Paramatma –
When one’s comes out from that point, they start to feel such distinction as physical temple,
mosque or church. In that place one concentrates deeply to find solution – that point is called
Mono-mandir (place of deep concentration).
That place is not only for human but also for animals and birds. Let us visit that Monomandir
where all different sentiments about dharma, castes, black and white, tall or short, nice or
ugly, temple or mosque, native or foreigner, supporter or opponent gets dissolved. There
remains no worriedness, one becomes free from trouble – humans attain all round holistic
health – mind becomes serene.
Everybody feels equal there. None can visit there with this mortal frame.
Everyone’s motto is great whether you chant “OM PARAMBRAHMA CHAKRADHAR”, or
being a disciple of any other guru and contemplate a different mantra. Let us move together
unitedly and travel that Mono-mandir and form one single human society and decorate the
beautiful world marvellously.
Place :
A/p – Talegaon Dhamdhere,
Tal. Shirur, Dist. Pune.
(Maharashtra) Pin- 412208
Mob. 9975543312
E-mail –
Samvahak is a socio-spiritual organization registered on 22nd Dec, 2010 at Pune, Maharashtra, India.
(Regd. No. - MH 2608/ 2010/Pune

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