Well, 2008 has been one eventful year. Two hurricanes, President-elect Obama, the never-ending-war in Iraq, UFO sightings here in Texas and other places around the country, the over-40 Divas in Las Vegas (Cher,Tina), the launch of the Green and the surgence of the overwhelming membership in SuperLife and all the other NING offspring. Yes, we have witnessed and survived much this year. It's all good. The economists predict a "depression". The truth is all of what we experience (exlusion of "natural" phenomena) are all man-made. Man raises the cost of living, the prices, the gas problems, the unemployment...etc. The answers to most of life's problems are so simple. Drop the prices, stop the war, make cars that are affordable and environmentally friendly, quit over spending in our government offices, lower the taxes, lower the cost of healthcare, etc etc etc. Stop the greed at the highest levels. Bring back the barter system. Stop being slaves to over pricing. Demand that we stop spending our tax dollars to rebuilding foreign countries and rebuild our own especially in disaster struck areas. Let's stop being politically correct and face our problems honestly and head-on. Start opening our eyes and our mouths. Quit sitting passively by while all around us is chaos. Don't be afraid to stand up for truth and justice. Examine the realities of our justice system, our social system. Let's demand that our government be honest and truthful to us. They work for us, not vice versa. Let's really take a look at the direction that the quality of our society is heading. Life requires a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Let us take time out for the spiritual needs and feed our minds and bodies with healthy intake. The truth shall set us free. Let us seek it in all areas of our life. Let us seek the good that is out there. Let us re-examine our conscious and define our priorities as a collective group. If there is a massive change coming in 2012, let us make sure it is not of our own making. If there is any chance at all that we can turn this earth around, let us make it our personal goal, our community's goal, our society's goal and last but not least, our planet's goal. We are one race...that is a reality that we all need to understand. We are One. Let us strive for the joy, the love, the abundance that our Creator meant for us. And welcome this new year and the years to come with that in our hearts.

Happy New Year to you all.

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