If you are a baseball fan and watched the79th MLB Allstar Game yesterday you really had a treat.
Sheryl Crow sang the National Anthem with acoustic guitar.
You witnessed the "bat wing" bomber do a flyover the the stadium.
Saw George Steinbrenner, "the boss" deliver the game balls.
But most of all You saw the greatest collection of living MLB Hall of Fame players assembled on the field.
Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron, OMG ~ Yogi Berra! Live!
It was truly heart warming.
And as if the planets all lined up this final Allstar Game in Yankee stadium (built in 1923) ended up being one for the record books ~ with a record 15 inning game! The longest ever. It was like the stadium itself didn't want the magic to end.
Thank You MLB for the wonderful show, Thank you boys of summer past and present for all you do. We love you!

Best Regards,


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