A Madman or a genius? offers financial reward just for joining

A limited number of you, who join for free then help two friends join, might be called the founders of this new phenomenon, will receive cash rewards at

When Bill Wilson, who helped formed the AA organization, he foresaw a need to structure it in such a manner that would insure the leaders were always nothing more than trusted servants, he implemented a set of traditions insuring the democratic will of the membership always prevailed.

saveNaturefree is following the trend with our own set of 12 Traditions designed for the governance of the Global but local action groups.

If you agree, that big corporate money has a corrupting influence on the democratic process, then we can show you how to give the power back to those who's lives are effected. It may sounds fanciful but it is a solution that has stood the test of time,

It has more than a reasonable chance of redefining the democratic process, provided the reward attracts the level of support required to tip an election result. It has already begun to receive glowing praise from the net community.

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