Let's face it abduction happen and UFO exists.

If anyone tells you anything different, they really haven't look up at the sign lately. So what is the sign if by some nature they are cleverer than the sensor can sense, the scan can scan and yet they live among us. What sort of technology do they possess in either to be an emissary of the Greg, so many signs, so many opinions and so many trips in and out of the planet? What is that signature?

Personality I am not a believer of the "Adam & Eve" theory, bogus to me. I do not believe in the one parent populating the whole entire...yes you guess it "the Universal".

Call me crazy for I am...Face take a borderline MADDNESS to say hey....Darwin, take that theory up your... 'You know what'.

Come on know UFO exist....

Here is a wild theory of why they exist and should Exist, and you can call me MAD for yes I did attempted to reach the Alien Orb 15 years ago during one of my many Astral Mind Warp Trip out (Now you can really call me MAD).

Of course I was just exploring the nearby cosmos in my early age of.. well... traveling? Guy, I am tell ya, this is the only way to travel pre-space travel, that maybe way into the future so take the Alternative method…Astral Mind Warp.

I remember the training.

Training Lesson #1: Learn to UN-eat
Training Lesson #2: Learn to Un-breathe
Training Lesson #3: Nana Mind to Nana Tech.
Training Lesson #4: Mind Congruency, Mind Masking to Alien Ship
Training Lesson #5: Mind fusing with Alien (This one is a
Training Lesson #6: This one I have not even begin

….To be continue on the training….

Come on you don’t expect it to be finish yet are you, far from it.

There were many signs given to me personality by the Alien ship Sharan Ton (you could take this at faces value), when read from other’s perspective this could appear all bogus doesn’t it, but isn’t it with everything else?

The last time we connected was during my attempt to catch Haley's comet.

I miss it on the TV and have no high res. telescope. So I proceed on exiting my body in either to take a closer look. Once made it out I warp. The only memory front before the mind erasing was a clouded mist of the tail. I stop..."wait a minute where is the comet"?

Again miss it.

Another sign that was given to me personality was again 19 years ago, when I was very young in the astral industry. I was stuck in my body...I turn around and saw a metal piece of string stuck in the back of my neck. The vibrational was 7 and yes I fling it. Thus the nick Seven come from (Vibrational Signature 7).

That was so long ago.

3 years ago we made contact again and talk all night long. We attempt to create more sign of course, leave more evident for the eyes to wonder. The communication method was telepathy, like all communication telepathy was chosen at that time, Ah but like all thing they evolve. We want to create more proof that, yes we did make contact and to various group of beings as well, from the Light Worker to the UN SEAT and many other worldly appearances.

Of course when they first met me three years ago, they did not remember me. One of them remember the memory of that comet. And OOOP....this is the one we made contact many years ago in the past. So there we reminisce for 3 weeks straight. We talk about leaving more proof. We started talking about finger prints and we’ll see for yourself.

The Intended Shape. Nice ah! seems easy enough to attempt so they thought but when look in comparison
to the intended shape, I'll say way off. They did mention that it will be difficult in forming it. The circle is the tougher one to form but the cube is ok. They said they got the cube or diamond down, but I don't see the circle incasing yet. Will they appear hmmm only two months to the dead line. I am going to say not.

But hey!! SharanTon it was the thought that did it.

This is my thump after 3 years...hmmm... ok so they are not the best coder of finger print. With a quick glance it almost looked Mutilated don't you think.

Alright, give them credit for it does shape nicely. This thump was clear 4 years ago, now take a look.
Cubs forming all over. I was told that it was a language.

In comparison from 2005 to current. There are definitely darker and deeper groove to the line especially the thump. What I started to notices was that the line are forming in a Triple diamond shape and is apparent everywhere especially near the drawing area. In the past there few faint lines but line.

Now when you look at it that diamond shape is appearing and not just that area anymore.

hmmmm....I'll give them credit.


"You Do Exist"

Do you Agree?

*Mind Warp: An advance Astral like Travel. This process takes tremendous Time and Energy Field. Once you achieve this Level of Travel, Space Exploration is just around the corner. The machine like pod is not Energy Field for that will not exceed the speed light. You need to achieve the speed of light in the back of you to attempt to Warp. Machine and mind are intricately connected. The only sound will hear once you are in that machine is the sound of your Engine. Do clean thy Trail fellow travel.

*SharanTon: He is an Alien from outer rim of the planet that confiscate most of my trip's memory or should I said memory recording.

*Finger Printing Coding contain language of the upper dimension that will be translate or read on a later date when finish. The Whole is being code and decode. The hand is not nearly complete he said.

Good Journey all and good luck

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Comment by Seven on June 13, 2008 at 8:05pm
*Thank you for helping me*
I mean.
Comment by Seven on June 12, 2008 at 2:53am
Hi Silver Shaman,

May I have Sharan Ton speak a word of introduction before I get my human view point in? Sharan Ton use to channel his messages out through Tuella Book of Ashtar, since then the grid has been disconnected from the human channeller herself. I can hear them on occasion and because I am working on my mind I was able to hear them in sequential. I am interested in what your connections have to say about what has taken place with me. They are all physical attribute.

When you said you would like to speak to me, do you mean through word reply?

Regarding the finger print, the grove is very deep. They are not tiny faint line. Those lines are code to appear and yes we talk about the shape, the message and the language that it represent.

I remember having a conversation with Commander Thal before the Genetic coding begins. We look at the concern of the data base and yes, her hand is not the same hand. All the lines are altering to fit one of the Alluminati mind master. He request to work with us, in working or contacting Grey Alien. The Alluminati that are working with me have a family line. We have also Telepathy talk 3 years ago.

They have become submissive since then and never turn the coding off. Now there are a lot of genetic coders, they told me not to worries that like that is going help.

If you were to examine my hand print, there are no need of “magifier and a 3x small jewel lense”. My coder makes sure that it stands out like a sour thump. Every line is deep grove and apparent. The A is now appearing which stand for Asora, and next, the symbol in the discussion is the sign of Omega and Pi. More of the symbols are made known to the owner before the coding begins. Then we ask her to scan the hand print for the changes, so we have the “before” and the “after” in comparison but if you look at it every day then you are witnessing the coding or the forming of them in real time. Dot per not they appear, then the connection or groove begin. Yes, we have looked it up as well the meaning of finger print. According to the crime lab finger print do not change.

We want to prove that wrong, we want the unseen that is effecting human be known and be seen and yes sometime the method are cruel and harsh to the eyes and all eyes can see, but there are things that is running human and from what we the teacher of her in the back end of human is testing a lot of human seerer and hearers, is that they do not see human runner.
Human runners are what human front become or exist when human die, outside of know element. If rapist and killer die, those runners of them continue existing. Those runners must be extrapolated from every human without harming human themselves.

Yes this does lead to the abduction of human. They are against this but unanimously give us permission to extrapolate them. Some remember some don’t that is Gray job. Like the Fed, we are not the good guy but we are needed.

We ask this woman to look deep within our hidden project and bring forth proof and understand. But she is still very young in the process. This is only her 3rd years in the bodily transformation. We hope not to venture too deep within the demon realm itself. Most runner are not human but have assume human life since incarnation 50 billion years give or take a couple of trillion in certain time grid.

There are whole lots that happen within this time frame. She debate with us every single day. She loves to talk physic and theory with her death science friend.

But to make a long reply sort this happen in 2005, when the mind grid collapse, we lose English for a weeks and mobility was also taken away from us. The consciousness at that time was still attached to her head, but the mind disappears. In that disappearing we lose voice. The Grey’s language is now emerging from my voice now. There are also other Earthly languages being spoken through as if the English was never there. In either for the whole front to understand the word spoken we have to tap deep within the hidden realm of existence. Grey is working on a nana mind for her.

Another proof that the Grey is working on is her Cybernetic link. Her voice can be manipulated in any sound or any voices heard or unheard. The one vibration that they are working on is the computerize voice, that is Sharan Ton. Her bird

(Bird is a nick name for Archangel Michael #45,000)

P.S. I do appreciate all the help I can get, for there sometime the human of me that existed that needs it.
When my grey representatives feel comfortable with you, they will come out. Their chosen voice is Jeri Ryan.

It’s always shock to hear it from my own voice. But that is just my Grey representative; my other connections have other voice as well. Sharan Ton have a very unique double vibration computer like. That once is more shocking to hear then the rest.

Thank you helping
Comment by Silver Shaman on June 11, 2008 at 6:53am
I would like to speake to you more about your hands,I am a cheirologist and have friends that are which is a more defined and detailed formal way of analyzing the hands, the lines and dermatoglyphics on the hands.
I am curious how your were able to obtain the prints that were able to show ast much detail as in the ones posted. Most of the best way is I read the hand with the eye and use a simple illuminated magifier and a 3x small jewel lense for very small markings.
I am able contact and communicate with Pleadians, and Archturians.
The help me in the Shamanic work I do. The Grays have been embatted to take a back off stance had now taken on a new way to come on in and also the ones that were all ready hear had adapted to adjust in to a life of survival for a time period. They are not the good guys. The archturians and the Pleadiansa\ are helping us in many ways.
I would like the opportunity to talke to you. Or the person that spoke about the training levels and the aliens. I can more and how I communicate with them to help me with whole world situation.

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