The Effect of Dream Box

Last speech I talk about the box of reality in connection to the box of dream. But there a lot of boxes everywhere that affect us. Boxes whether they are box of reality or box of dream are like your living library or computer storage. Would you remember what you store in it?

What I learn in the forth box is to incorporate in document clarity to life.
In failing to do so create confusion, and or generate the ups and down in all boxes.
These boxes are mainly use as the transition between here and the afterlife.

This box gives you a whole new perspective on life itself. It helps you see what you don't normally see, the very commonality itself, and the thing that is so common yet so uncommon.

Dream is like Onion, no matter how far you peel, it's just an Onion.

Box of Reality are like an onion, you must peel each layer in either to get to the next layer.
When does a box of dream become box of reality?
How many layers must we peel to get through?
And along the line of peeling, how long should we stay at that layer?

If we happen to encounter problem in those layers, how do we clean that layer out.
This layer is almost identical to our mind set. If we discover clog in our mind, how do we FIX it.

We know that layer or box contain the secret to our past. The bridge between layers is like doorway between realities, the pathway between networks, and the road to our Freedom.

So Layer Upon layer of dream box or grid with no certainty to any realties…

Dream are a series of pictures so is an onion, no matter how far you peel, again it's just an onion.

At the end the Truth is that it is the journey through the many boxes existed that makes the journey worth Peeling.

But there is another side to the onion peel. What if this is not an Onion at all.
What effect will it takes it course.

There I was pacing in what I thought was that onion, peeling my way until I hit a metal wall.
What I learn in the third box is shock stronger then electricity existed there, and yes so was metal sharper then its purpose, density so thick you would think that it was reality itself.

So now the dream boxes become the surgery room a scope of art in the making. Now how do we design our new main frame?
Your dream grid becomes your Upper's program, your gateway to exploration.

What was known to be an onion of the past now in the right hand become a laser tool, a high tech machine of code?

Hand that mess up the radio program, Electrical charge that create imprint. This is the stuff Engineer dreams off.

An energy charge imprint of schematic was left all over the room that night. Treasure for Grey.

All of this was done out of my curiosity so I thought. I want to see if I could affect that radio that night. I know I was not in my box of dream nor was I in my box of reality so where was I that very night?

* Astral Trip about nine years ago.

I stand there examining things in the room. Electrical existed in that density. I was affecting my radio. My radio was programmed. There I was looking around my room and there was my radio so I put my hand in the radio itself and saw electrical charge zapping through my hand. I wanted to know if I can affect it. As my hand touch radio there was an electrical charge. I can see electrical and I can see my hand but it doesn't feel like a real electrical shock. In the outside world I have been shock before and it hurt but in this environment, it seems s like it was neutral. I can see its property but it does not contain the actual charge like the flesh world zapping. This is where I got the idea from, in creating vocal cord, computer link, matrix mind, schematic mind, and nana link to the human nana cortical note.

The next morning when I got up I went directly to my programmed radio. Surprise to say it doesn't work, I could figure out what happen to it. It was systematically stuck, when I manage to get my radio to work again the entire program was erase. I have to reprogram it again. Now it didn't occur to me until later that day I was able to link the two activities together.

This discovering was a REVELATION to my upper self.

*Stay tune for proof on the next blog*

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Comment by Joy on June 22, 2008 at 7:37am

Very interesing..knowing nothing of the dream box, I want to know more. I wait for the next blog with interest.

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