You Are Dreaming Again! Or Are You?

Toastmaster Speech #3
A speech I did at work but it contains information that I want to share.

How many of you have night mare, how many have nightmare that drains you. These are common night time activities that we all experience one time or another although the mysteries surround this is still debatable.

What is happening in our night that affects us?
Study can show us just the gist but really what is happening during our sleep.
Commonly we call it dream AND, we know it is a dream because...

IT DOES NOT RELATE DIRECT TO US. 95% of the time is not even our memory so it does not stick.

But what will happen if the bridge was to cross. What will happen to us? There are actual bridges that need to cross in either for us to claim dream as our related reality.

Quite frankly it is not,
Sadly it affects us.

-It affects us mentally
-It affects us spiritually
-and it can affect us medically

In this section of my speech I want to cover

*What it is or the three stages of dreaming
*The How it works: Technology Vs Actual
*The Who should experience it or a better term "The who should attempt it".
And finally
*The Why or benefit of it.

Three Stages of Dreaming

The First stage: is what we call dream. This stage you are at the mercy of WHOEVER or WHATEVER was planning it, purposely or not. This stage you are a victim of dreams. Nightmares occur at this stage more than any stage of awareness or dream. It is also the stage that drains you most. You will get up tire in the morning if the energy hovering above exceeds the quotient you can handle. 99% of those images are NOT your memory nor can you claim or contain what exist within the dream grid. Their mistake is that they believe that you take those images and activities as your own but your higherself erase them out. Those images and activities contain too many elements, all the birds and all of the bees live human life, mimic human actions and then attempt to erase all of those activities and call them orchestra. NOT your life.

It is also the stage where you will to go to the kitchen and make yourself COFFEE.

In the Second Stage of Dream:
You know you are dreaming, you know who you are, you know without a doubt who you are. You are aware that you are in the Toastmasters meetin, you know your neighbor or the person sitting next to you are while awake in the dream grid. It is also the stage of "Oh my God I am dreaming" then you explore. This is rich stages of awareness. Few and far in between have achieved this stage once achieve boy or boy can you explore. You become a little science of your own.

Of course Coffee however is OPTIONAL.

Now the third Stage:
is what they call the near awaken stage. They are called Astral Traveling. This stage is for an experimenter or the explorer of dream. This is the stage where you begin to take control of your night time or your nightmare. This is the Stage where you want to change how you are operated. You can change how it affects you. You become your co-creator of your activities. You begin to arrange how you want to experience. You are now outside of the box of realities and you are not in the box of dream. In this stage your Higherself take you up into what they call the Alpha Astral Level. Once you have establish your place in your new Realities you begin to watch who enter your box of dream and cross over to your box of realty. Remember there bridge between your box of dream and box of realty. Thing are crossing in this manner everyday and through everyone. They just hope that you will not detect them. They operate under the rule of schematic. Schematic allowed a new person to enter your life, operate, work, and even become you for a day; a week; months and some years before the one you call husband or wife that you marriage return.

In this stage coffee is too week, you'll going to need hard LIQURE

For me I started to explore with energy field. There have been a couple of time that thing would get EXPLOSIVE. OOP, that’s all right, is not my reality. I started to learn how to open portal for example and Jump into this Energy field. This proof to be a faster way of escaping from your hidden teacher or your fear base guardian since you didn’t know that Djwal Ku was there making sure that you enter your dimension as you exit. By the way he does assume the name Ku at least that is what He called himself when He introduce or Meriam Ku.

The last time we mind connected he was showing me his Family tree which I am unsure if is in this Reality but the life was more real than this flesh. That introduction can wait until a later date.

The How it works: Technology Vs Actuality
For some this is a natural occurrence.
But there are technology/Science approach including the Famous Robert Monroe or the Monroe institute.
Matrix Center

These are the Science approaches in discovering the many techniques to induce this experience using technology.
These were known to be use in military experiment or the scientific community. Their targets are real time viewing but the same concepts apply.

Very little was known about them of course until the cold war end and later the technique and or technology was introduce into the public as a scientific study and then later us. If technology evolutes right along with mind and spirit then Time Travel is not possible to attempt for one will die. The rip or formulate poison the mind of spirit.

The “Who” should experience it or better term the “who should attempt it”?

The People who should experience this

-Is the one who want to take control of their night time?

-It is also for people who have been a victim of nighttime harassment or a better term "Nightmares".

-It is also for People who desire to explore the mind and the different levels of dreams or awareness.

- More so then not IT IS DEFINITELY for people who are just too CURIOUS.

-For the Curious Mind. You knowing the saying “CURIOUS MINDS WANTS TO KNOW”

Last but not least The Why and the Benefit of it

What is the benefit of this? Is there purpose to all of these?

The purpose or the benefit to this is that

-It will forever change you:
-It will also open up a new avenue of exploring for you.
-It will give you comfort to know that you will survive when you die. It will help people who lose their love one but can't seem to find way to cope with the lost. This is the door way to find peace with self.
-But on the fun note, it will definitely open the possibility of exploring the COSMO and all of this without the space suit or expensive space craft or star ship.

Of course the benefit continues:

-It will allowed you to get in touch with Everything that influences you, think for you or better yet it will allowed you to get to know YOUR...


As Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S Enterprise would say..


Thank you

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Comment by Silver Shaman on June 11, 2008 at 10:59am
Thanks for sharing, I did not know your were a toastmaster. Very Good.
Head in deep bow

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