Why as an adult I still sleep with the LIGHTS on

I want to share with you, why as an adult I still sleeps with the lights on. Now some of you might think that’s weird. But when you wake up in the middle of the night one too many time stumble and fall you might think that it's a good idea. But you might also think “Why don't’ you just turn on the Light Switch”. NOW THAT’S AN IDEA.

I am thinking thoughts are flushing in your mind right now…”What are you talking about, just turn on the freakin light switch”.

Oh I love to, but you see I have this predicament "oh really you might think, what predicament could you have?“ You might even think…. Ah maybe the hight have something to with it, can’t reach the light switch, or maybe the house is old and you have no light, but no, that is not the case.
Is really a predicament.

I will share with you three incidents, why as an adult "I still sleep with the lights on”.

The first incident happen when I was in in Junior High school. I first woke up in the middle of the night and got thirsty. I attempt to open the open but the law of gravity will not comply. The room was pit dark, I must stumble and fall. Thank god for the moon that lit just a tad.

So there I was fighting with the door knob, “I know what you might think , it could only happen to you”, I manage to open it half an hour or so later. When I did manage to open the door, a Freakin portal appear from some where. Winds was gushing out from the ceiling. My little head know, there are no portals in my house. Oh how fast I shut the door.

Screw the water, I am going back to bed, I turn around and stop death in my TRACK, some one was already sleeping in my bed. Did I mention the moon lit just a tad. Well it just so happen to lit on that person’s face. I back up against the wall so faster and froze. I must have stand there hours scare out of my wit. I know, I know, “IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO YOU”.

The second time that happen was in the new house. Mum and dad have just purchase a house. I thought to myself, AWESOME. My predicament will not be able to follow me. I WAS DEAD WRONG. So there I was waking up again in the middle of night again. Did I tell you...I GOT SMART, REAL SMART.
I LEFT THE LIGHT ON so the room was lid like day light.

I was again thirsty...can you tell I got thirsty often in the middle of the night. I woke up, I can’t move, NOW WHAT? There I was again awake and staring at the ceiling then I notice, GOSH that ceiling, is it a bit close tonight? At first I can’t tell, ceiling are ceiling when you star up. But tonight...IT’S QUITE CLOSE. I wonder if I can touch it so I reach my hand up and GOSH I was touching it. As I was testing and examining the texture of my fine ceiling thoughts rushes in my little dome/head. If I am examine this nice ceiling….hmmmmm where is my body? OOOOOH The Movie, ‘The Exorcist’ and it’s memory is rushing in just about now.

Again I know what you might think. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.
I could have sworn, that my whole body is not on the bed. I could have sworn.

The third time, COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST STRANGEST PREDICAMENT YET. This one happen in my own house. Am adult and is moving out on my own. I have move in less then two years and there I am again waking up in the middle of the night. By now you could have guess.

Yes, I was thirsty. I got up, jump out of bed, WOW, that jump was quite anti-gravity like, Scratching my head on the way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Got to the kitchen and turn on the water then saw a fish tank in the sink, odd I thought. Why would a fish tank half emerge through the sink. Not real, not real, at that moment it kick me back.

A seconds later I was back jumping up and out of bed again. “Khew that was just a dream, am ok, am not mad.
Again walking out of the room to the kitchen, murmuring to self still half stun regarding the fish tank being in the sink. I don't’ want to go out of the room but I was thirsty, my throat is dry.

As I was looking to the left on the way to the kitchen the second time. I notices there was a very man made oranges vase sitting at a very unusual spot. Thought was raging in my little dome. Wait a minute as memories rushed in. I don’t remember any orange vase. I vacuum the living room just before bed and I don’t remember or even have any vase that color, ODD...Shoot. It’s happening again.

Before I can say anything, I was jumping up and out of bed again. Ok this elusive reality that is dome is pissing me off. Where is REALTIES, where is my flesh reality? I must have just sitting on my bed contemplating whether I should go to the kitchen again, ignoring my call of thirst.

Did I mention that I also left the Hall way lights on now.
Before bed, I make sure the hallway lights and bed room lights are always on.

I swear I must have jump up and out of bed three or four times that night, going for the same darn glass of water. It reminded me of one those movie where you keep waking up and repeating. The one where you wake up to the same day over and over again ..type of movie.
Yeah you don’t want to experience that..that is mess up in the mind.

It was not until later after many incidents and events that took place from that very first time of seeing someone sleeping in my bed that I finally learn , IT WAS CALL ASTRAL TRAVELING OR OBE (OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE).

The man who is SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR LETTING ME KNOW THAT I AM SANE AND NOT SAINT. And you know that most SAINTS are already dead. I am just not one of them is Robert Monroe. Robert Monroe help me put term to my predicament and that is ASTRAL TRAVELING. He is a pioneer in the investigation of OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (OBEs) and the famous author of Ground-breaking books entitled


These books help me understand the reason why and the how. It give me comfort that I am not alone in this. I was young and thought that I was going mad. You know many time I thought I was death, I even cry.

He later start a non profit EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH organization call MONROE INSTITUTE. I look into it and wanted to get involve but boy was it expensive.

The Organization dedicated to the exploration of human CONSCIOUNESS.

Hemi-sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization aka Brainwave synchronization.

It’s effectiveness can be view as debatable some claimed that is very effective using this technology to induce an out of body experience.

But some also claim that marijuana or mushroom do the same thing.

Now you know why as adult I STILL sleep with lights on.

Happy Journey to all who is exploring in this way. Safe trip all.


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Comment by Vishal Trivedi on June 10, 2008 at 4:26pm
You're welcome, Seven.
Comment by Seven on June 10, 2008 at 4:16pm
Fascinating video, those shed some lights. The actual out of body experience from what I have found in the past travel dissipate way too quickly. Memory will not retain, 45 feet away from the body and it becomes liquid shape melting.
This is when I have the idea of exploring with the new method which is the schematic of mind. My trainer told me that the schematic of mind is outside of our Brain-ly function and thus will proof as a better method in retain most the trips.
But awesome video
Thank you
Comment by Seven on June 10, 2008 at 4:04pm
Hi D.Samson,

Thank you for the advice.

I should have added video to the blog. I didn’t think of it.
I am not familiar with Whitley Strieber, but I will do some reading on it. I am new and still exploring your community, I will also look up Silver Shaman as well.

On regarding the gift and curse all wrap into one buddle, isn’t that the truth. There are gift of proof that they are providing me which is the only sanity I can say, that I am not seeing thing or hearing them without cause. I do have my inner trainer with me at all time through voice in my left ear. He is The Master Djwal Khul, my Astral Traveler Trainer.

He does want us to start utilizing the traveling device to start exploring the Cosmo and the connection is astral and out but the training is hard. There is a way to travel and the link is the nana mind. This will be exploring more as the training process, until then I am so young in the process.
Alien, they come through the black whole…you can call it alternative life style. Master Djwal Khul want us to start getting to know them.
Comment by Vishal Trivedi on June 10, 2008 at 3:59pm
Hey Seven, I found an interesting video which have some thing related to your story.......
Comment by Seven on June 10, 2008 at 3:48pm
Thanks Vishal,

Would love it.
Comment by Vishal Trivedi on June 10, 2008 at 3:39pm
Hey Seven, You are welcome for that advice. Just wanted to divert your mind from what is going with yourself, just want you to hold strong belief in some thing which can divert you from all these thoughts, some time this can help to a great extent. I have just posted a Video on OBEs hope you would like to see it.
Comment by Seven on June 10, 2008 at 3:23pm
Thank you for the advice.

I do keep a bottle of water with me at night, this help. For some odd reason by spiritual guide who is training me on how to better my experience is against keeping any KNIFE in the room.
We are dimensional shifting and things get quite dangerous in that arena, so no sharp object for me.

Through fear of the astral realm which I slip into one too many times, I gain the speed of warp. Once I am out in that realm I attempt to escape to the other side of the planet where the sun shines. From years of doing this my audio field strengthen until I start to warp… faster each attempt.
There are now benefit from being the Scary little cat into a speeding "Get me out of here" warper adult.

I believe my Ascended Master Meriam Ku was the one initial the fear base into my astral room to make me want to start warping. That work really well.

I have not reading any book and or able to maintain its information. After work is a debate time for me and my friends (science from the other side, two I actually met in the astral realm, 15 are Aliens whom I met during my in and out of the black whole) <--------quite debatable, but that is what my other self is hiding from me.

My teacher and I are actually working on a new schematic of mind to bring retain the next trip. This will be written about in a later blog. It is still in the work.
Comment by Dick Samson on June 10, 2008 at 3:03pm
Seven, for the benefit of other members who have had similar experiences, are there any videos -- featuring Robert Monroe or others -- that you could post?

Whitley Strieber has had many similar experiences and reported on them in books and video interviews. Do you know Strieber? You can find videos on Google Video search.

Also, Silver Shaman is a SuperLife member you might profit by contacting. See also the forum posts on OBE's and lucid dreaming.

Your experiences can be a curse or a gift depending on how you react to them and resolve them. Growth in consciousness & spirit is of course the goal of all of us. Non-ordinary experiences CAN lead in a positive direction. Good luck and best wishes.
Comment by Vishal Trivedi on June 10, 2008 at 1:58pm
Hey Seven, Your Blog looks very interesting. Out of the body experience is some thing which I haven't experienced as yet and no body around me have experienced. What I make out is you are amongst those few people who have grown up but some where in your mind you still get scared with small things as we all get scared when we are kids. What you need to do is start believing in God and when ever you get to the bed just before you sleep please do some prayer, have a glass of water and keep a jug of water near your bed so no need to go any where when you feel thirsty. You can also try a traditional thing if you want this is some thing what we do when any one is feeling very scared that is keep a KNIFE around you when you sleep. Keep it any where under your pillow or under your bed. Just try and experiment this one and see whether it works or not. And stop thinking that you are having any such OBEs. Even stop reading such books if it is affecting you in such a way.
"Please do the experiment and tell me whether it worked or not."

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