A Lesson On Seeking And Finding. A Thought Adjuster Transmission – August 19, 2004.

Today’s subject will be on seeking and finding. To most humans to seek and find spiritual peace is a bit of a paradox. It seems that this is the most sought after, and yet the most difficult to acquire. For those who persist in this search, the results are most rewarding. For some the acquisition of this peace happens at a time of crisis, for others it is found slowly over time, but the results are always assured.

The seeking and finding of true inner peace is an ongoing quest in the human soul. It is the insatiable hunger which drives humankind forward to find God, and to find Him in perfection. And so the quest for perfection begins. Of course this has often been equated with worthiness, but that is not so. God is no respecter of persons. He accepts each alike; man or woman, rich or poor, saint or sinner. All are equal in His eyes, and neither are races or creeds unequal in any way. Each is welcome at the ‘Master’s table.’

The only thing that determines the speed of spiritual development is the drive and search for inner peace. Those who attain this inner peace lose all fear of dying, for they have found something in themselves which is eternally alive, and that precious God-connection, which was always there, gets plugged into by the human and a deep realization dawns that he or she is one with the Creator, and that race, creed or color matter not. Only the relationship with the eternal Father matters. It then becomes of consuming interest to find out more about that divine connection, and more time will be spent in the Silence of the heart.

Even Jesus often went away by Himself to commune with the Father in heaven, and to keep that connection alive, and He advised His followers to do the same -- to go within as the Kingdom of heaven is to be found there -- to go apart, each by their selves -- to pray and speak with their own God-Fragment within. It is in your persistent seeking within that God is found. God is not in hiding, and if He seems far away, the question arises: ‘Who moved?’

Things of material import have so largely taken over that even the so-called institutions of worship have become money oriented, and the false god of mammon has moved in and taken over. People’s hearts are overlaid with worries and burdens and therefore they only seek within, when the going gets too tough. It has now come to a critical point in the history of this planet, when you must strike a better balance between spirituality and materialism.

Then, when this balance is struck, people will be more at peace and greater health will ensue, when their nervous systems can be balanced with the Peace they have found within themselves, and they have come to realize that they, too, are worthy, and children of an unconditionally loving Father, not the harsh judge He has been made out to be.

© The 11:11 Progress Group. In losing your self, you will gain Me—TA.

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