A Lesson on Motivation

(1). A Thought Adjuster Transmission – August 14, 2004.

Allow Me to lead you into the subject of motivation, and what it is that motivates humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts in a certain way, because most acts are instinctive and have become habits, which are ingrained, and therefore also hard to change. Underneath all of this, however, is a cause which has been set in motion, and which is part of motivation.

The subject of motivation needs careful scrutiny, as it has different layers. There is conscious motivation, where the human will is involved. There is sub-conscious motivation, which has become habit, and there is super-conscious motivation, which is more often involved at a higher level of spirituality. We will mainly spend some moments considering conscious motivation and the thoughts which drive this. It has everything to do with the level of conscious awareness. Few humans ever give a thought to what motivates them, and yet it determines their quality of life, their relationships, and their control over their habits. Usually, also, when there is little or no self-control, their addictions gain the upper hand.

Motivation is the key to everything. One may be motivated to study, to learn, to cultivate oneself, to move to attain goals in life, and much more. As steady companions, motivation needs sincerity and honesty, because everything one chooses to do, or decides not to do, becomes either laudable and leads to feelings of satisfaction of a life well-lived when looking back at an older age. It can also mean looking back on a life with much regret, guilt of having missed opportunities, hurt feelings, and anger, which is usually miss-directed at others. The cause of unhappiness is often the result of miss-directed motivation, and wrong choices and decision making.

You get an inkling of just how complicated you can make your life, when motivation goes awry, especially when you act without thought of the consequences of your actions and in extenuating circumstances, where others try to make up your mind for you. So now we come to the free will, which the Creator has gifted you with, and of course Me, your Inner Pilot. You have the freedom to always come to Me in the Stillness and ask Me to motivate you.

This then becomes your super-conscious motivation, and this decision you will never regret. Actually you might even at a certain point in life say, ‘I ought to have asked my Thought Adjuster first,’ or you might say, ‘I wish I had listened to my Inner Pilot.’ It matters not what name you give Me, for I Am part of you, forever, if it is your desire also, as we move slowly and steadily in the direction of becoming one . . . depending on your motivation and decision making.

The 11:11 Progress Group.
In losing your self, you will gain Me—TA.

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Comment by Crazydiamond on January 3, 2008 at 11:11pm
Love this post. Very motivating, and strangely synchronistic. 2008 2 U.

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