Oakland, California, US of A, December 30, 2007. Divine Father (Christ Michael).

Subject: “Celebrate With Me.”
Received by Donna D’Ingillo.
Divine Father:“Beloved child, this is your Father Michael. The season for change is well underway on your world. As you head into the celebration of a New Year, I celebrate with you. 20008 will see more change come to your world, and you may anticipate that the awareness of My presence on this world is growing. People may not know My presence by name, but they feel it. It is perceived as a lightness growing inside and a loosening of old energies long held intact.
“Celebrate with Me this time of change. This is the long awaited time of healing spoken of by prophecy. Many seers of the past looked to this day when the world would be released from its bonds of spiritual enslavement. I say to you: The time is here. My children are being freed, and yet each individual must awaken to the sound of My voice resonating deep within him and her. The sound of My voice is getting stronger in their hearts.
“Soon sweeping changes will wash the fear from human minds and build a new reality of love and altruism as the foundation of the planet. I will hold you steady as the changes come about you. Turn to Me during the times when you feel unstable and wavering in your faith and hope, and I will bolster you. Come to your Mother Nebadonia and ask Her to expand you in courage, strength, and peace. Know that We are holding you in Our arms in spirit as you walk about on your material world.
“Truly, this is a glorious and unique time upon our planet Urantia! Open your hearts to Me ever more each day, My beloveds, and you shall indeed feel the joy that the universe feels as your world is brought closer to Light and Life!”
Presented to you by the 11:11 Progress Group for
The Center for Christ Consciousness.

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