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How much water per day is needed for good health?

Water is essential for health. Are you drinking enough?  And is it free of health-degrading substances such as sugar, chemical pollutants, and biological contaminants?

Exactly how much should you drink per day?  Eight glasses, six, or ten? What are the best sources of clean, pure, good-tasting water?


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  • pure healthful bottled water -
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Body Language Can Trump Language

In any encounter with others, such as a meeting, the most impressive thing may not be what you say or how you say it, but how you present yourself non-verbally.

Assertive body language is one of the most basic human skills, and with the right approach, anyone can get better at it in minutes.  

In this video from TEDTalks, social…


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4 types of capital

Coercive capital (brute force) ...strong-man rule

Political capital (legal force and incentives -- influence)

Economic capital (material incentives & punishments -- property & money)

Social capital (human incentives & punishments)

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Tired of bad news? Get ready for a pleasant change!

Positive people

Superlife is an unprecedented paradigm shift, the key trend of our time. If we catch its surge, rather than letting it swamp us, it can carry us to a hyper-human world of greatly expanded powers and possibilities.

Thanks to scientific and social advances, we are fast evolving into a whole new self-modified species. Those of us who get with this meta-trend can look forward to six key developments. These include:

  • Supermind: Shifting…

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HEALTH REMINDER: For Mental Focus & More, Take a Deep Breath

Among the things we know but forget, breathing tops the list. "Forget to breathe? Nonsense!"

Of course. But for long stretches each day, most of us forget to breathe right -- in the deep, relaxed way prescribed by doctors, fitness experts, and meditation gurus. (See video at end of this post.)

WHY BREATHE DEEPLY? Five reasons out of many:

  • Send more oxygen to the blood. Shallow breathing is like recirculating stale air in your…

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How to Promote Your Business, Cause, or Project ... to Make More of a Difference in Today's World

Sun power After joining, leverage the growing power of SuperLife:

1. Include your web link in your member profile, so others may visit your website or project page.

2. Contribute your expertise in frequent posts -- blog entries, forum entries, video postings. Include your web link, when relevant, within the text of any entry. The system automatically makes it "hot" so people can easily link to you. For example, here's a link to my website:…


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When You Post to the Net, Send an Email, Make a Call, or Just Talk to Someone, Are You Helping Create a Global Mind?

Although more than 20 years old, the 1983 video "The Global Brain" by Peter Russell offers exciting possibilities for today. Is evolution, from the Big Bang to the Internet, about to generate consciousness on a global scale.

Do our everyday interactions -- from phone calls to email messages, net postings to mental interactions -- lead us ever-closer to the day when "pop" we're all suddenly together in planetary awareness?…


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