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“How To Be An Adult,” by David Richo, is one of my

favorites books, because in addition to the highly intelligent content,

Richo stresses the importance

of both psychological and

spiritual integration -- what I call human-potential and…

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Who Transforms the World?

Who Transforms the World?

The world is transformed by people who live in this world as if this world is just a dream. People are changed, transfigured, by those who live in this world unconcerned, indifferent to trivia…who live a life of inner centering, who live in the world but don’t allow the world to enter them, who live in the world but the world… Continue

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“Like A Well-Oiled Machine.”

Illawarra District, Australia, January 10, 2009.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).

Subject: “Like A Well-Oiled Machine.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “This is merely a fleeting visit my dear mortal friends. It could be said that at this time I am finding it almost as difficult to keep my mind on the task as does this human loudspeaker acting on my behalf. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I have returned for only a very short time from the Middle East -- once more… Continue

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2012 Thoughts


CL - 2012 thoughts

Posted by: "rhathorn47" rhathorn47

Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:47 am (PDT)

Hi Everyone, I am a lurker, but I get great enjoyment out of reading the

posts. Very informative. Question:- Does anyone have any thoughts on

2012 and a lot of the predictions that are out there? It also seems to

tie in with global warming and its devastation' s. I along with my

family and some friends are looking at buying land and forming a… Continue

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“Allow Me To Speak For You.”

Oakland, California, US of A, February 10, 2008.

Divine Father (Christ Michael).

Subject: “Allow Me To Speak For You.”

Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Father: “My children, your Father Michael greets you. I call you into the sacred service of helping your brothers and sisters into their divine inheritance. While you are not responsible for their awakening, I encourage you to help them grow into a new self-awareness with your loving compassion of their status.… Continue

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A Lesson on Seeking and Finding

A Lesson On Seeking And Finding.

A Thought Adjuster Transmission – August 19, 2004.

Today’s subject will be on seeking and finding. To most humans to seek and find…

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Hello, Superlife & Friends

I joined Superlife a few days ago.

My main interests are

  • sustainablility, green living
  • climatic changes & global warming

  • organic gardening, hydroponics

  • solar power, alternative clean energy systems

  • EV cars & hybrid cars, solar homes, hybrid homes
  • web design, internet commerce
  • art, photography, photo-paintings
  • spirituality, meditation

  • peace

I've created… Continue

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Dear friend,

Welcome to the 11:11 Progress lists. This message is forwarded to you on behalf of the list operator of the 11:11

Progress Group. The members of this group are spread over Canada, the

U.S., the UK, South Africa, and Australia. All members know each

other well, and it is our sole function to make the 11:11 Spirit

Guardians, also known as the loyal 1,111 Secondary Midwayers, a little

better known.

The Spirit Guardians are noted worldwide… Continue

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A Lesson in Motivation

A Lesson on Motivation

(1). A Thought Adjuster Transmission – August 14, 2004.

Allow Me to lead you into the subject of motivation, and what it is that motivates humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts in a certain way, because most acts are instinctive and have become habits, which are ingrained, and therefore also hard to change. Underneath all of this, however, is a cause which has been set in motion, and… Continue

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“Celebrate With Me.”

Oakland, California, US…

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