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Profession or area of expertise
Martial Arts/evoking chi/research in the origination of Christianity, explaining transcendental experiences.
I am qualified to offer solutions in the area of --
Health, Mind Consciousness or Spirit, Community or Social Betterment
About me
I'm originally and old hippie from way back... actually I was a beatnik. Hippies were generally into just getting high and laying around. Us beatniks were into endeavors outside the norm of society, e.g.. music, poetry, art, oriental philosophies, etc.. If we employed psychedelics, as was the norm back then, we used them for personal exploration and enhancement of our studies, not just for self-gratification.
I knew very early in my 20's that I wasn't like most people around me. I kept having these scintillating transcendental experiences that I had no reference for to explain. I discovered that I had the innate ability to evoke 'chi' throughout my body, our spiritual life force, when I was 17. A lady who was a member of the Paramahansa Self Realist Group in California told me about how to evoke it and it just came naturally.
Since then I have employed the power of chi in my training in martial arts, to heighten my awareness, reduce pain sensation, gain extra strength and energy and in sparring and in breaking boards. I have helped many a young person learn to evoke chi in my karate classes for the betterment of their lives.
I have employed chi in all areas of my life, such as heightening my thinking powers to write excellent reports for college classes, for personal health and the healing of others.
I didn't really mature spiritually until 1994 when I became acquainted with the teachings of the Ascended Masters through the Summit Lighthouse activity. I then had a complete understanding of the fact that we are all spirits and souls trapped in physical bodies, and not physical persons trying to have a spiritual experience. Finally I was able to understand all my 'way-out' experiences. I continued to have more transcendental experiences and much more knowledge was imparted to me from the Universe.
I was always confused as to why traditional Christian churches' beliefs couldn't shed any light on what I knew from my experiences. I embarked upon a 10 year study of the origination of Christianity, and have compiled a paper called "Christianity - A Made-Up Religion." In it I show all the historical events of how Christianity starting about 300 AD and commenced to distort and bury the real and original teachings of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, I discovered that most of Jesus' teachings are in the Bible but the Roman Catholic Church has re-interpreted them for the sake of gaining power and control over the masses. The true teachings of Jesus are self-empowering, personally liberating. The Roman emperors wanted none of that.
I have recently been super blessed by meeting & marrying my twin flame, Michelle. It is such a power boost to have your karmic partner sharing, growing, and exploring right beside you.
If you feel you are having experiences, thoughts, feelings or intuitions that you can't figure out how to fit into our modern society, I can help you get a healthier and clearer perspective. Wondering is a blessing. It means you are ready to break the mold and grow.
Looking forward to sharing life experiences with you wonderful souls.
Summit Lighthouse University

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At 10:34pm on March 7, 2008, Sadijara said…
Yes Chi-man Larry's comment was about the best! lol
At 7:54pm on February 17, 2008, Larry D. Matyas said…
Yes it is....Great interaction with Kunga...I got out of the military in "69" and delighted in the Hippy movement....tried to get closer...because of the burn-the-bra can explain that to Michelle, if-you-will.
At 11:45pm on January 18, 2008, Crystal Rose said…
I am honored to be your friend, my husband. LOL...

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