Evolution of the 3E
From Our Creator Through His Disciples
The 1999 publication of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787), written by 3E developer, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has promped a spiritual renaissance of its own. The book revealed 3,000-year-old secreted Bible codes—sacred knowledge about the most powerful music, sung or played, using the original Solfeggio—the Creator’s musical scale.

This completely awesome musical scale, and its inherent sacred geometric structuring capabilities, best explains the shape, function, and production of previously mysterious wonders like the great Egyptian and Myan pyramids. These vibrations also sustain the organic elements of life, and life itself.

Dr. Horowitz concluded this knowledge was once used by ancient Levi priests to effect supernatural events such as the parting of the Red Sea by Moses and the destruction of the great wall at Jericho described in the Book of Joshua. This scale’s powerful third vibration, the 528 Hertz tone, is recognized by the world's leading genetic biochemists as being a miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA—life’s blueprint and bioelectric sustainer, and sacred spiraled “antennae” to our Creator.

In Dr. Horowitz’s fourteenth book, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (2004), DNA’s primary function as a hydro-electrified energy signaling device was scientifically reviewed. (Call 1-800-336-9266 to order this 550-page book written for intelligent lay readers and above.) This book further advanced the ancient Solfeggio’s “perfect circle of sound.” A divine determination that mathematically resolves into three triangles of harmonic tones resonating the integers 3, 6, and 9. Combined, these frequencies form an extraordinary power source: the 3E’s nine-pointed star—the ancient sun symbol—revered by all advanced civilizations.

This book also explains the fundamental energy signatures of nature and the inherent spirituality of ancient mystery-school Pythagorean mathematics, as well as the toroidal structure of the universe within which the matrix of fourth dimensional space is generated by these energetic resonances—the special powers of the 3s, 6s, and 9s fundamental to life, our Creator's creationistic powers, and these tones.

Religious scholars, spiritual leaders, natural healers, and many of the world’s most brilliant scientists commonly conclude that our physical world precipitates, or materializes, from the spiritual domain (e.g., the fourth dimension) that scientists call the “ether,” and the Bible calls the “firmament,” found most abundantly within water between its subatomic particles.

In The Message from Water (Call 1-888-508-4787 for books) by Japan’s famous humanitarian author, Dr. Masura Emoto, more knowledge about water’s astonishing ability to transform its structure in response to human emotions and heartfelt intentions was advanced.

As shown in these photomicrographs contributed by Dr. Emoto, research using 3E "cling-ons," vibrations, prayers, and words such as “LOVE” and “THANKS,” affect the energy carrying crystal messaging structure, that is, the creative signaling capacities of water. Spiritually blessed water is Divinely structered (or organized) into hexagonal rings as shown in this 3E test photograph below. Remarkably, the six sided "Star of David," otherwise known as Solomon's Seal, uniquely appeared within the cluster. According to Webster's Dictionary, in ancient times, this symbol was used for energetic protection to guard against disease, "especially as an amulet against fever." In the old days it was called "magic." According to Dr. Horowitz, this sacred geometric structure resonates according to mathematics and laws of physics.

Dr. Emoto dedicated his life to understanding such vibrational intelligence carried and comunicated by water clusters. He mounted an international campaign to preserve our precious water purety to prevent extinction of the human race and various other life forms still surprisingly surviving on this chemically beleaguered planet. He recommended writing the words "LOVE" and "THANKS" on water containers to relay these prayerful messages to the water to benefit its resonance and all of us.

Here is another in the 3E series of photos by Emoto shot at 200x magnification. It is a very unusal arch. According to many scientists, nature predominantly reflects the Fibonacci series of numbers that geometrically forms the famous arch. According to Webster's Dictionary, the word arch also means a form for protection. Ancient societies and mathematical mystery schools revered the arch as does Freemasonry which adopted it in its famous logo. The words "architect" and "archangel" incorporate this prefix meaning "chief" or "predominantly powerful."

And speaking of sacred structuring and praying, photographers in Dr. Emoto's lab captured this 3E affected water cluster in prayer!

Implications for Survival and Spiritual Evolution

The implications of this information are myriad and urgent for our planet’s ecosystem—our common survival. This intelligence compels reconsideration of the manner in which our sacred creative liquid—water—is being poisoned and energetically retarded by adding chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic substances in the name of “public health” and industrial enterprise.

We need to stop polluting our waters! Especially since there are more intelligent and cost-saving ways to naturally protect us from waterborne diseases. These include oxygenation and ultraviolet light technologies. The photomicrograph shown below represents the class of chemically and/or psychoenergetically poisoned waters. Its crystallized cluster appears unstructured and in serious disarray.

Do you prefer to drink 3E energized water or this?

Important Note: For optimizing your health and wellness through proper water consumption, alkalinization, fasting, improved nutrition, and much more, read Dr. Horowitz's: Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science.

We need to purify and reenergize poisoned and electrically-depleated waters within each of us, for we are, indeed, organic spirits made mostly from water.

The urgency of our threatened waters and existence compels us to use our knowledge to develop new technologies for our common survival.

3Es were invented with these common concerns, and purposes, in heart and mind.

For further guidance in health and natural healing contact:

Healthy World Distribting, LLC
206 N. 4th, Suite 147, Sandpoint, ID 83864

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i use my q2 necklace to treat my h20 any comments thanks janet

Hi Janet--thanks for the comment. I think what ever works, for go for it. All roads lead to Source.


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