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Dr. Emoto Methods

The True Power of Water

By Masaru Emoto
October 14, 2006

Water is sensitive to a subtle form of energy called hado. It is this form of energy that affects the quality of water and the shape in which water crystals form.

In my previous book, The Hidden Messages in Water , the word hado was translated as ‘wave fluctuation'. In The True Power of Water, I use hado to mean all the subtle energy that exists in the universe.

All existing things have vibrations, or hado. This energy is often positive or negative and is easily transmitted to other existing things. The thought ‘You fool’ carries its own hado, which water absorbs and displays as deformed crystals when frozen. On the other hand, when water has been exposed to positive thoughts, beautiful crystals are formed that reflect the positive hado. Hado, as you can see, is integrally woven into the implications of water's response to information.

Hado medicine
Some time ago I was introduced to a type of radionics device [not available any longer] capable of measuring various vibrations of the body at the cellular level. I developed an affinity for the device and became able to use it beyond the device's intended design, namely, to measure hado. My experience with the hado device led me to realise water's ability to receive information. It also led the way to my study of hado medicine, an alternative medical practice that researchers started to study after having felt the limitations of conventional Western medicine.

Although having a device was helpful in my study of hado medicine, I came to believe that humans are capable of feeling and sending hado as well as the device can measure it, if not better. For example, healers and counsellors who can help their patients are considered to have the ability to send good vibrations to correct their patients' abnormal vibrational patterns.

The fundamental principles of hado medicine are vibration and resonance. When the cellular vibrations in different parts of the body are disturbed for various reasons, our body can make a wrong turn. When this situation occurs, a new external vibration can be given to the disturbed cell so as to resonate with it; thus, its intrinsic vibration is restored. This is hado medicine in a nutshell. How can the vibration be corrected?

A hado is a wave; it has a wave shape of peaks and valleys. When the shape of a wave opposite to the original one – valleys for peaks, and peaks for valleys – is used, the wave can be straightened. By overlaying a wave with another wave in this manner, its characteristics can be cancelled. Hado medicine utilizes this concept to restore the patient's health by sending the hado that can cancel his/her unfavourable hado. Water is an integral component, as you'll see.

To help a person treat himself or herself with hado medicine, we examine the individual's hado using the hado measuring device. After understanding the disturbances to his or her own vibration, we prepare the water on which the information to correct the vibration was transferred through the hado measuring device. The hado water created in this manner penetrates into the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles that make up the person's body and stops the disturbances of this vibration. By drinking this hado water, the individual could correct the disturbed vibration.

How emotions affect the body
Through my studies, I noticed many common characteristics that diseased people share and discovered the close correlation between people's emotions and affected parts of their body.

In 1995, I conducted hado examinations on one hundred people. I measured their hado regarding the most commonly shared emotions (thirty-eight traits including stress, worry, pressure, irritability, perplexity and excess fear) and then checked which part of their body resonated the most with each emotion.

I found, for example, that those who feel stress tend to have problems with their intestines. Worries are often expressed as problems in the cervical nerves, irritabilities in the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, excess fear in the kidneys and anxiety in the stomach.

You might want to think about your present emotions and physical conditions. Do they agree with these findings? It's true that ‘Worry is often the cause of illness’. When your emotional conditions improve, your illness often moves toward recovery.

Try saying an antonym of the unfavourable emotion that you are feeling. If you are feeling ‘stress’, the antonym is ‘relaxation', and for ‘irritability', it is ‘calm'. The most basic solution to correct your hado is to use the opposite word. To take this approach further, write the antonyms on a sheet of paper and show it to water. The information is given to the water; in other words, the hado of the positive trait is transmitted to the water. Then, when you drink it, you are in effect practising hado medicine.

From The True Power of Water, copyright 2003 by Masaru Emoto, translation copyright 2005 by Beyond Words Publishing

Here are some steps you can take to prepare and drink the HADO water.

Buy some mineral water. If you can find some in a glass container, that's best. The plastic containers leach plasticizers into the water that pollute it. Tap water is hard to purify because the chlorine seems to affect the structure even after the chlorine evaporates according to Dr. Emoto's research.
Keep a gallon or two of mineral water in front of a music source where you can play purifying water music. In Dr. Emoto's two books, you can find out the names of various symphonies and songs that produce great crystals. Some of these musical sources of HADO include Beethoven's Ninth, John Lennon's Imagine, and Amazing Grace.
Prepare a HADO bottle of water. This process if highly individual.
Start with a clear glass jar. One that holds about a quart is fine. Peel off any labels and clean the outside of the jar.
Cut out small pieces of paper (about 3" by 5").
Write messages on the pieces of paper.
One message should be "Love and Gratitude".
If you have some illness or pain you want to go away, another message can be "[Name of pain or illness] Has Gone".
A third message should be "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony".
I also suggest you put a message on another sheet of paper with the name of your religion.
Tape these messages onto the outside of the container so that they face inward towards the water.
Put them in different places on the outside so that no message obscures any other message in facing the water inside.
Keep this HADO jar full of mineral water that has been in front of your speakers that have been vibrating with high HADO music.
Keep the water away from microwaves, televisions, computers and cell phones. All of those energy sources harm the structure of water as shown in Dr. Emoto's photographs.
Drink as often as possible from the HADO jar and refill it. Drink the amount of water that's healthy for you. But try to get as much of that water as possible from this jar. You can carry some of the water with you when you are away from your source.
Be thankful as you drink the water.
Dr. Emoto's experiments suggest that you will further purify the water if you say or think the following thoughts as you drink the water:

"We love you, water."
"Thank you, water."
"We will take care of you, water."
Also thank God and the Angels for the water and ask them to bless it as you drink it.
Notice any changes that occur after you begin drinking HADO water and eating high HADO foods.

You may notice no changes . . . or you may notice quite a few. Finding some improvement is essential to seeing whether this approach is for you.

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Comment by rahul sharma on November 1, 2008 at 12:40pm
water is called as a 'cradle of life'.

it can treat many common ailments but it has many other effects on human body which are quite wondrous,
a no of life proves about its importance
and many more still doing research on it

m a newcomer here but still doing many practices with water on myself
Comment by ramsiel on August 8, 2008 at 5:10pm

Many thanks , I know the books of Masaru EMOTO, also I am drinking the Diamond water according Joel Ducatillon, France.
Comment by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on July 9, 2008 at 12:13pm

I can Learn So much Here what I was not Knowing.
Comment by ramsiel on July 4, 2008 at 12:29am

Comment by ramsiel on July 4, 2008 at 12:25am


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