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Yog and not Yoga as it is called is the ancient art of healing that are attributed to the eternal fountain Vedas .As Maharshi Patanjali ,the founder father of this great art says:अथा योग अनुशाशानाम I योगस् चीतता नीब्रित्तिही , धर्मंता पुरुशार्ता अब योग तारका निरिमय यही II
It means that Yog is such an enormous discipline that it levitates the mind to the point where it unites the self with the PARAMATMA -God ,this is such a collosal stage which can't be expressed it has to be felt.

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Started by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD Aug 3, 2008.

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Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on July 27, 2008 at 10:49am
Pranayam is a combination of simple breathing exercises , which can cure any disease that one can name ,Yes even AIDS is curable through pranayam . Cancer ,Heart disease ,asthma ,diabetes , arthritis , Parkinson's disease , Dementia ,sexually transmitted diseases ,absolutely anything is curable . Most amazing is the fact that it doesn't require any drug, medicine , or anything ,Simply control your breath ,and BINGO ! you stay free of diseases.It can be tried from 8-80 years .Do together Granny , grandad ,grandson /grandaughter ,whole family , in a open space ,IT WORKS , BECAUSE THE VEDAS SAY SO.

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