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Yog and not Yoga as it is called is the ancient art of healing that are attributed to the eternal fountain Vedas .As Maharshi Patanjali ,the founder father of this great art says:अथा योग अनुशाशानाम I योगस् चीतता नीब्रित्तिही , धर्मंता पुरुशार्ता अब योग तारका निरिमय यही II
It means that Yog is such an enormous discipline that it levitates the mind to the point where it unites the self with the PARAMATMA -God ,this is such a collosal stage which can't be expressed it has to be felt.

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Started by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD Aug 3, 2008.

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Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 11:50am
The FISH POSE is called Matsyasana because by assuming this posture and doing Plavini Pranayama you can float like the fish on water as long as you like.
Spread a thick blanket on the ground. Sit on it with legs fully stretched in front of you. Do Padmasana. Then lie flat on the back. Then resting the whole body on the elbows raise the trunk and head. Pressing the head well on the ground on the one side and the buttocks on the other, make an arch or a bridge of the trunk. Rest the hands on the thighs or catch hold of the toes the right hand holding the left toe and the left hand the right toe.
Practise this Asana soon after Sarvangasana for one third of the time you devote to the latter, if you want the maximum benefits. Sarvangasana and Matsyasana go hand in hand. They must always be practiced one after the other. When you have finished doing this Asana, slowly release the head with the help of the hands, sit erect and unlock the foot-lock.
Matsyasana gives a soothing massage to the neck and the shoulders. The stiffness of the neck is removed. Matsyasana helps deep breathing. The cervical and upper dorsal nerves are abundantly nourished with blood and toned up nicely. The endocrine the pituitary and the pineal glands located in the brain are stimulated and toned. These glands play a vital part in the proper functioning of the various systems of the human body. Matsyasana is also the destroyer of many diseases. It cures constipation, asthma, consumption, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, a certain type of obesity, the evil effects of masturbation, excessive sexual indulgence and waste of seminal powers, and is said to have cured leprosy also. It dispenses with the transplantation of monkey-thyroids to human beings for rejuvenation. Enlargement of the spleen is cured. Lost manhood, wasted vitality and misspent energy could be effectively regained by the assiduous practice of this posture. The heart is also massaged and you feel new and young
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 6:58am
Sarvangasana will build for you a healthy thyroid. A healthy thyroid means healthy functioning of all organs of the body. This pose centralises the blood in the spinal column and feeds it abundantly. It keeps the spine strong and elastic. You will have everlasting youth. It helps you not a little in keeping up Brahmacharya. It checks wet-dreams and rejuvenates the impotent. It is a blood and nervine tonic too. It removes dyspepsia, constipation and several other gastro-intestinal disorders. The benefits you derive from Sirshasana are also derived from Sarvangasana.Acourse of Sirsha-Sarvangasana will cure leprosy, powerfully rejuvenate the body and dispense with monkey-gland grafting.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 6:57am
SIRSHASAN-Sirshasana is to stand on the head. It is considered to be the king of all Asanas.Spread a fourfold blanket. Squat on the ground and prepare a finger-lock by knitting the fingers of both the hands together. Make a convenient angle with the forearms. Let the finger-lock serve the purpose of a vertex. Keep the top of the head on the vertex. Slowly raise the lower part of the trunk, and then the legs. Now the whole body will stand at right angle with the ground. Remain in this pose for 5 seconds in the beginning and slowly increase the time to half an hour. Let the breathing be normal throughout. Bring the legs again slowly down without making any sudden jerk. Relax the body. This is important.
Sirshasana is a panacea for all human ills. It is extremely useful in keeping up Brahmacharya because the seminal energy is transmuted into Ojas-Sakti and stored up in the brain.
This is sex-sublimation. Persons suffering from diseases of the eye, nose, head, throat, stomach, genito-urinary system, liver, spleen, lungs, renal colic, deafness, piles, asthma, consumption, pyorrhoea, constipation, and many other troubles will find great relief by its practice. Grey hairs and wrinkles will disappear. It augments the digestive fire and increases appetite. Ladies also can do this Asana. Sterility vanishes. Many uterine and ovarine diseases are cured. Indeed Sirshasana is a blessing and a gift to humanity. During the practice of this Asana the brain draws plenty of blood and energy. Memory increases wonderfully. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the PrimeMinister of India, was an ardent votary of Sirshasana. He managed to practice this pose daily somehow or other.The next is Sarvangasana. It is so called because all parts of the body function during its performance.Spread a thick blanket on the ground. Lie flat on your back. Then slowly raise the legs up,lifting the trunk and the hips vertically. Let the two hands support the back at the hips. Let the elbows rest on the ground. Form a chin-lock by firmly pressing the chin against the chest. In this posture the hinder part of the neck lies on the ground, and the trunk and legs stand in a straight line.
Concentrate the mind at the thyroid gland that is situated at the root of the neck. Do this for 2 minutes to start with and increase the time to half an hour. Let the breathing be normal during the whole process.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 6:55am
PADMASAN& SUKHASAN:-, Padmasana is unique and foremost. It holds a very conspicuous place in the Yoga practices because great Rishis like Sandilya, Gheranda and several others have spoken of it in glowing terms. It is called Padmasana because of its full pose lending one the appearance of a full-blown lotus.
Sit on the seat prescribed by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita: Ch. VI-11. Stretch the legs
forward, place the right foot gently at the left hip-joint, and the left foot similarly at the right
hip-joint. Keep the spine erect. Place the right hand on the right knee-joint and the left hand on the left knee-joint.11 Gaze gently at the tip of the nose. This is Padmasana. Practise this Asana for 5 minutes to start with and gradually increase the time to 3 hours. Padmasana destroys all diseases and bestows quick emancipation to the practitioner.Siddhasana is next to Padmasana in importance. Some eulogise it as even superior to Padmasana from the point of view of meditation. The Asana is so called because it is capable of giving the practitioner all Siddhis (psychic powers). Moreover it was and is the favourable pose of several Adepts in Yoga (Siddhas).Sit again on the seat prescribed by Lord Krishna as before. Stretch the legs forward. Placethe left heel carefully at the anal aperture and the other heel on the root of the generative organ. Fix the chin on the chest. Gently gaze at the space between the two eyebrows without in any way straining your eyes.12 Keep the spine erect. You can keep the hands and fingers just as in Padmasana. Start doing this for 5 minutes and slowly increase it to 3 hours. Young aspirants who wish to get themselves established in Brahmacharya should practice this Asana. “Through this posture the Yogi, leaving the world, attains the highest end and throughout the world there is no posture more sacred than this. By assuming and contemplating in this posture, the Yogi is freed from sin.” (Siva-Samhita: Ch. III-87). Persons suffering from syphilis, spermatorrhoea, piles, diabetes and gonorrhoea be greatly benefited by assuming this pose regularly for some time.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 6:53am
Practise Bhujang, Salabh, Dhanur, Sarvang, Hala and Paschimottasan Asanas. Bhujang, Salabh and Dhanur will remove constipation and muscular pain of the back. Sirsh, Sarvang and Hala will help you in maintaining Brahmacharya, rendering the spine elastic and curing all diseases. Paschimottasan will reduce fat in the belly and help digestion. Relax all muscles in Savasana in the end.Asanas should be done on empty stomach in the morning or at least three hours after food.Morning time is best for doing Asanas. Be moderate in your diet.Start with minimum time for each Asana and then gradually increase the period. Answer the calls of nature before you start the practice. Boys and girls over ten years of age as well as women can practise Asanas.Asanas make you strong and healthy and eradicate many diseases.Bhastrika Pranayama develops lungs, destroys the germs of tuberculosis, augments lung-power and lung-capacity. Constipation is removed by the practice of Bhujanga, Salabha and Dhanur Asanas.Dhanurasana is a combination of Bhujanga and Salabha Asanas.Eating in moderation, plain living and high thinking help the Yogic student in attaining his goal quickly.Fasting eliminates poison, purifies the system and invigorates the cells.
Garbhasana augments the digestive power, increases the appetite and removes many intestinal diseases.Halasana makes the spine very supple and elastic.Indriyas should be controlled by the practice of Pratyahara.Japa of ‘Om’ or ‘Hari Om’ should go hand in hand with Asanas and Pranayamas.Kumbhaka helps to attain longevity and awakens the Kundalini.Lolasana strengthens the muscles of the arms and forearms.Mind can be controlled by Vairagya, Abhyasa, Satsanga Vichara, eradication of Vasanas,destruction of egoism, Pranayama, meditation, and cultivation of virtues, such as mercy,complacency, self-denial, Santi and Santosha.Nadi Suddhi can be obtained by the practice of Pranayama.Oordhva Padmasana checks wet-dreams and transmutes the sexual energy into Ojas.
Paschimottanasana removes fat, increases the gastric fire and eradicates diseases of the stomach.Quetta earthquake is nothing when compared to the agitation caused in the mind by the
turbulent senses.Regularity in the practice of Asana and Pranayama is indispensably requisite for quick and solid progress.
Sirshasana is the king of all Asanas. It transmutes seminal energy into Ojas, develops memory and intellectual capacity, and removes a host of ailments.Trataka helps concentration of the mind and removes diseases of the eyes.Uddiyana Bandha imparts beautiful health, strength, vigour and vitality and removes the disorders of the alimentary system.
Vajrasana removes drowsiness, strengthens the spine, helps digestion and is very useful for meditation.Winter is the best time for rigorous practice of Yoga.
Xerostomia (abnormal dryness of the mouth) can be removed by the practice of Sitali and Sitkari Pranayamas.Yoga Mudra removes the disorders of the abdomen and awakens Kundalini.
Zerosis is the disease of the eye owing to the deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’. This is removed by the practice of mild Trataka and Sirshasana. for those who aren't aware of how to do this ,I'll separately show them.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 6:46am
Mind can be controlled by Vairagya(abstinence/renunciation), Abhyasa(practise), Satsanga (maintaining good company )Vichara(good deeds), eradication of Vasanas(desires),destruction of egoism, Pranayama, meditation, and cultivation of virtues, such as mercy,complacency, self-denial, peace and satisfaction.Nadi Suddhi can be obtained by the practice of Pranayama.Oordhva Padmasana checks wet-dreams and transmutes the sexual energy into Ojas.
Regularity in the practice of Asana and Pranayama is indispensably requisite for quick and solid progress.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 5:06am
Health is wealth. Health is indeed a covetable possession. Good health is a valuable asset to one and all. It can be achieved by the regular practice of Yoga Asanas.
The practice of Asanas controls the emotions, produces mental peace, distributes Prana evenly throughout the body and different systems, helps in maintaining healthy functioning of theinternal organs, gives internal massage to the various abdominal organs. Physical exercises draw the Prana (energy) out but the Asanas send the Prana in. The practice of Asanas cures many diseases. These are the chief advantages in the Yogic system of exercises which no other systems have.Practise a few Asanas daily at least for a period of fifteen minutes. You will possess wonderful health. Be regular in your practice.
Comment by Subhrodeb -the fair GOD on August 24, 2008 at 5:05am
You need not sign up ,everyone's invited here ,you are free to enrich yourself with this amazing experience ,at your own convenience , for as long as you want ,there's no charge ,just help to heal the world by joining this group .Also another thing you on your own turn must teach other people what you learn here.Just spread it , and heal the world..
Comment by Cosmostrologer on August 19, 2008 at 10:18pm
Sounds great. Where do I sign up? Where do I learn. I'm with ramsey on the whole Indian/Native American spirits and shamanism. I have some knowlege. I reccomend the book The teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castenda.
Back on topic. What can I learn? How can I learn it? I want to use it to not only heal myself but the world as well. What can we do as a whole to make this possible? Lets revolutionize this planet!
Comment by ramsiel on August 1, 2008 at 10:39am

please, apologize my bad engl. lang.....many thanks for invitation... I am very interested in native spirits , Indians etc. but I have about their techniques no knowledges, nevertheless, I believe these methods.are very effective.... my problem is hypothyreosis, vitiligo, amotio retinae, my opinion, thats not possible help me. love and harmony. ramsey

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