I keep a medical tuning fork, which has a rubber striking block, then I slowly move the forks towards the center of my forehead and just above my the center of my eyebrows. I can do this with my eyes shut and never touch my skin.
1. I feel a tingling sensation
2. I feel a tingling sensation as if someone is slowly moving their finger in a circular
or waving motion.
3. I feel a strong throbbing sensation once my third eye is fully open.
I think this could be because when this happens it like a light is on and all of my senses are super acute. I can see, heard, feel and know into the spirit real and over vast distances. This allows me to channel enties and seen them and they often will speak through my voice. I can see into peoples bodies for healing if the Angel Shonton steps into me. His voice chants beautiful colors and they penetrate the body for healing or removing unwanted spirits.
Your third eye is a very useful part of your body to help you advance and broaden you abilites. It is very important to not get discouraged because one must keep themselves as clear as possible. I increase my vision and length of time and scope by placing a quartz flat faceted crystal about 1/4 inch thick and 1 1/2 inch in diamete on my third eye after I have used the fork and meditated into a theta state of trance to become even more removed from the distractions. I use the Angel tuning forks to increase along with reiki energy touches to the back of my head, forehead and around the ears for clairaudience and on my heart for feeling and sensing. I also like to turn on all the chakras on my body to their highest frequency and speed of spinning of the light energys and I call the white light down through the top of my head. This fully illuminates everything to me to the point of a very bright looking flourescent light, then as Angels or Ascended Masters enter the room they look like spheres then bloom into their shape. This varies depending on my energy. Sometimes I see great vivid detail and at other times I connect with their energy and they remain as an energy form presence.
I hope this will give you some great sense of excitement about what we are all capable of doing. It requires work, however; all this that are worth have are well worth the effort. I am eager to answer and ask the sources that work with me for answers that could help you achieve your efforts. I have spoken with many that still have a problem with their third eye opening. Remember, do not expect the results that I have. Work at first to gain just a feeling at the point of the third eye.
One other thing, I have found looking at certain shapes and objects will automagically open my 3rd Eye. A pyramid, and inverted cresent moon with a solid dot suspended in the middle. Speaking the word 3rd Eye and Seeing the Words 3rd Eye.
With Love, Light and Enlightenment.
Silver Shaman

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Remember the day we were using Hemotite stones? I actually felt mine opening. What about crystals?
The best crytals I have used is Quartz, and it is good if you can charge it with Sun , light or Moon Light, ensure they are clean and clear. Some crystals you have to know how to clean because they will dissolve under water.
Quartz can be washed, sun bathed and smudged and programmed.
The hematite is a very good one for me an you.
I suggest trying various stones or crystals to see the effect since we are all different and the Amethyst should be very good in the Crown Chakra.
Silver Shaman
I find this very interesting, where would you suggest for a starting point?
I would begin by meditation breathing slowly through your nose and pursing your lips and blowing out slowly about 10 times. Focus with your eyes closed imagine you see a mirror in front of you and that you want to see your self in the mirror this will begin to show your third eye. If you feel tingling in your forehead or a throb like someone moving there thumb over the center of your forehead that is a good sign. Not all people are as clairvisual as I am. But their 3rd eye will open to sense many energies and hear and know what is being said.
Worked on this after I was in bed....but I fell asleep......will continue when I'm awake and in meditation.
Larry, meditational techniques and working on the third eye can be done while on your back or sitting up. Most techniques if done while you are ready for rest are good because you will dream better and rest.

However; if you sit or slightly recline you a most likely to be aware as you drop into the alpha then beta level of meditative state the theta level is when you completely drop out and you are allow a channel to come through. I have been able to keep a good awareness floating between the 2 so give my self suggestions to remember everything and I tape everything with an auto voice response tape machine.
I do not have a sensation of time 3 hours may seem like 5 minutes or 6 hours like 20 minutes.
Keep working and don't try too hard just work steady.
Will do!
Did this exercise, focusing on the mirror, didn't see myself but felt what you said I'd feel. I noticed something I was seeing but I was focusing so much on the mirrorthat I missed it. When I realized something happened it excited me and I ordered several tuning forks to experiment with. I'll keep you posted.
Awesome, you on your way that is great be patient and relax. Many friends of mine are frustrated because they still can not get their 3rd eye to open and I feel the are wanted to many things at one time. Clairvoyance etc and all the other things.
I say work on one thing till you can be come consistently good at it and can use it well to do good with it. Then move to something new.
I feel your excitement, let me know what frequencies you have when they arrive. I am also interested if you received any angel tuners too! The Chakra tuners are an excellent start.
You are going to be so happy. I will help you to get started if we need to speak by phone let me know and we can arrange. This way I may be able to give you alot more clarity and more information quickly. The A 426.6 medical fork works good on my third eye. I have used a musical A fork which is 440 hz or vibrations per second and it worked too, so I think there is a range of frequencies that work and there could be an exact frequency that is perfect for every individual. I have also used the Violet Ray to do my third chakra. The Violet Ray I often use just as Edgar Cayce did and this is not a Quack tool if you receive the information on what to do with this medical tool. The AMA had this removed from the market in the 40s for quackery because peoplewere treating themselves and the Doctors wanted to make all the money just as the RX industry does not want to allow us to us Herbs Naturally to help aid us in cures, not treatments of disease.
I sent Love and Light
Ali, I just received a gift today from a friend it is an OM fork which I did not have.
A few years ago we did a test on various brands of medical tuning forks and found a particular brand that has the longest handle and also works best per the testing, i.e. results produced from open third eye and finding spots in the chakras as moved from side to side.
I am very excited.
Hope to hear from you soon , I know you are away I hope this is a good away trip.
Thanks, Silver! I want to try it.
Does the Hz have to be exactly 426.6 for best results, or will another frequency, such as 440, work just as well?



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