does anyone know how and have something to say about it? I mean I've had weird little experiences but I don't have any coroboration( I don't think that's spelled right) anybody have anything to say?

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I've woke up floating and fell down, or at lest felt like it. I've done a " thing" I call surging, where you end up moving through space very rapidly and for some reason I always ended up in home depo ? and these things are different then dreaming because I know I'm awake and I also know I'm not day dreaming because I'm not exactly in control. I've been taught to read thoughts but I've never really mastered it although if I have points of clearity where I usually am, but as of now I think it has something to do with feeling good and letting you mind go in ways your not used to. Then there is the blob thing when you can feel the entire room as if all the objects and people your around are part of your nervous system I can go into exsplcite detail if you want or need me too. I'm begining to think I'm part of the first generation of the indigo children but I don't have any real prof but you know that could be said to be a problem.
It's very hard to integrate all this together. I know there these spirtual depths that I've personally wittnessed and then there is everyday working life. I know there is no boarder but I wonder how to make them work together seeming as how every day life seems to be at odds or at least unrelated to the psychic world and being in it is a disruption of self I don't know how to be consistant as a worker, or if I should be and really deal with reality as I see it which is much more than the working world I exist in. I use my art to navigate through both. But I've never really been able to integrate them both. I know I'm fairly young, but someones got to have more of an idea then I do?


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