Tools for meditation:

The architecture of the chakra system.

There are many known means to perform meditation. The most common is the use of a candle flame, color, mandala, Tantric symbols. 

It's a form of meditation involving your guides or with your pendulum.

My guides gave me the info and the ability to create: the architecture of the chakra system.  

It's mandalas for healing the chakras system.

Mandala is the organizing principle of the universe, matter, crystal, energy, spirit soul.

Sacred architecture of the chakras system.

Ankh as chakras system.

In ancient Egypt Ankh meant a life and was a life symbol. But it has appeared that Ankh reflects the sacred architecture of the chakras system.
Step 1
Step 2
Ankh chakras systemStep 3


Ankh as chakras system.


You doing as with all meditations with your guides or with your pendulum.

Set a first photo.
Make yourself comfortable seated in a chair. Take time to breathe in and out deeply. Relax your body, starting from the toes, visualizing relaxation creeping through every part of your body until it reaches the top of your head. Take a minute or 3 to stay in this relaxed state, breathing deeply.

Now you can view photos.
On the photo you can see all the first seven chakras, which concatenate the overall energy system. You can see the three channels through which energy circulates are: Sushumna, Ida and Pingala.

Try to visualize this image. You can mentally ask your guide: Where is the energy block or where is the breach in flows of energy, or what color do not have enough energy, etc.

You can simply ask for help to restore your system in accordance with the standard, which is presented here.


Your guides prompt what you must to do or when you should move to the next  more complicated picture.


Step 4...

Work is continuing: Architecture of the chakras system above the head. 

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