There is a madman on the web (or am I a genius?) giving away cash, but only to those that join saveNaturefree help protect the environment along with a long list of community concerns by helping two friends join. join this group too

The fantastic Teams reach about two hundred then build a community info kiosk in a park of mall.
As the revenue from advertising ethical goods and services grows so does your monthly cash payment. The Team running the kiosk will keep 10% for upkeep etc, the rest is divided between the members, You. Get in early to secure a position as the numbers at each kiosk will be limited.

How does this help the environment?

put simply, Lobby Power learn about this at the site.
Our growing membership is the key to better laws that shape the way we conserve the planets dwindling resources and prevent the destruction of sensitive wildlife habitat

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I'm not sure, Alexander, how much I can help your large and growing membership which, as you say, is "the key to better laws that shape the way" you "conserve the planet's dwindling resources and prevent the destruction of sensitive wildlife habitat." I am a retired teaching living in Tasmania. I belong to over 3000 internet siteson a plethora of subjects and I will drop into this site occasionally in the months and years ahead. You can google my writing at 100s of sites by typing: RonPrice--into your search engine. I wish you well in your endeavours.-Ron
Thanks Ron.
I am a little puzzled by your reply?
I feel sure you know how you can help me/us spread the message and the url.
Then I could invite you to appear on the Oprah show with me. If that is tempting to you?

Just one example.. how "I" can do so much with your help.
We see the health of the worlds fisheries in decline due to so many countries over fishing.

A powerful lobby group, with pressure points being exerted in many countries, will result in action to limit the impact with effective global legislation.
Backed by international tribunals that can fine fishing fleets that ignore the limits.


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