What is the human energy system.

Consciousness is Focused Energy.

 “In particular, human consciousness is widely focused into time-space physical matter. This is not the totality of energy consciousness involved, as other forms of the same consciousness are active concurrently in divergent systems of reality. Two inferences may be drawn from such multiplicity:

The human aspect can be adjusted in focus to a much more concentrated point, offering potentials of power and action too immense and unfathomable to be considered lightly.

Second, the other, nonhuman forms of the same energy system might be drawn upon if the need arises.

With the above tucked away, it is possible to get to the "hands on" phase. Although the following notes are presented in a sequential manner, it is quite appropriate to refer to any portion that may serve a given need.  There is no fixed pattern or order common to all of the human learning experience.

An event early in the life exercise of one may surface years later in another, if at all.”     Page 258 "Far Journeys" R. Monroe, 


"A form of dynamic energy yet to be identified and measured by main stream human civilization is present in all carbon-based organic life. It is this essence in organized form that enters the physical body prior to birth and departs at death presumably more educated and with a minimum of wear and tear. The difference between the human version and that of a cow or a worm is only a degree of complexity of such organization."

page 63 - 64 "Far Journeys" ,


 Infinite levels of consciousnesses and energy.


Page 53

“The plants exist on levels of consciousness from one through seven. They are on a vibrational rate on the levels one through seven. It is the same pattern.


Animals exist on the levels of consciousness from eight through fourteen, and when a person attains, when a consciousness attains level fourteen, it can no longer go any higher unless it is willing to change its form of consciousness.


Levels of consciousness from fifteen through twenty-one are what you call human life on this earth.


When a person progresses to level of consciousness twenty one, he then has the choice of going higher or staying within the realm of human form, but he cannot go higher unless he is willing to give up human form.”


Chemical and physiological processes provide energy for low levels of consciousness.

The subtle energy of the universe provide energy for higher levels (when we is "out of body", Soul ascension,  28 or more levels) of consciousness through the chakras system.


We can see how the structure of the chakras system becomes more complex in the development process animal and humans. Levels of consciousness and energy are determined by the level (complexity) of the organization.



"Give up being human?"


"Levels of consciousness from twenty-two through twenty-eight are your bridge. They are your levels that you enter upon death. You are on level twenty and because that is an ascending level, you can enter into the realm beyond physical life, but you cannot stay there unless you are willing to give up your human form. ..."


Infinite expansion of consciousness.


"And then once a person or a consciousness we are talking about consciousness--reaches level twenty-eight, the bridge is crossed, and from that point on for a consciousness to evolve higher, it would not again assume human form of any kind, not even as a learning experience.

I will never incarnate again as a human--as another form of life, yes, but not as a human.

The words are very hard because your plan of existence is not the same. Perhaps I can explain  it by asking you to image seven of the circles, which would give you the forty-nine levels.

The first three levels of consciousness are physical matter as you know physical matter. They are your plants, your animals, your humans.

The fourth circle is your bridge, your realm, your center for that overall plan. It is the time in which a consciousness can choose whether to go back into the lower levels or to transcend into the higher levels, and many consciousnesses do choose to go back into the lower levels in physical form.

The upper three circles are the realm that in your consciousness is called the spiritual realm, and here much of the work is done. See: Causal, Buddhic & Atmic bodies 


I could not help someone who was not on the eighteenth level very much because my plan, my vibrational rate would be different. This is why it is hard for me to help you with specific problems. I can give you ideas, but I cannot give you the direct guidance I could if you were on level eighteen. Our plans are in contact since yours is an ascending spiral--an ascending, what is your word for that?  It is an ellipse. It is an ascending ellipse, and therefore I can cross and communicate with you, but not as directly.


Once I reach level forty-nine, which I will, I then leave all of this realm of existence. It does not mean I have reached the highest point by any means. It simply means I have left this group of seven, this overall group of seven.


Imagine, if you will, the seven circles enclosed in an even larger circle upon which seven more circles are stacked, which is in turn enclosed in even a great circle. Then you can have some idea of what infinity is. It does not ever stop."


"Far Journeys" R. Monroe,

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